Mouse1 slice replaced with stab

  • Slice was a horrible choice. What class actually uses it anyways? n00bSadeR and guardsman? Maybe slight use from an maa/hk

  • Remember that the combat system is getting a HEAVY overhaul. I don’t know how it works right now, but from what I understand it works very different from the AoC combat system. I’m highly looking forward to playing with it.

    Watch the Melee Combat Basics Part 1 video for a better understanding.

  • OMG, not the slash QQ here too…

  • It’s a simple default hotkey change that would make the game far, far more skilled and enjoyable to all.

  • are you unable to change hotkeys yourself? and saying a certain weapon attack id useless when half the classes use it is wrong, especially when 3 of the classes use ranged weapons. When playing sergeant i swapped m1 and m2 so when i left clicked it hit the right side of my screen and when i right click it hit the left.

  • man, I’d hate for them to change it now; I’ve become so accustomed to not left-clicking.

  • I use all custom hotkeys… In fact, I make a mod based on nothing except hotkeys: … 7-board-v7

    I’ve made a new alias command +/- (Two hits), just for AoC:
    bind mouse1 +attack2

    If my sister didn’t move in and blow the power constantly, I wouldn’t have to reformat, swap hd/ram and stop getting stuck with my old hotkey set. That and stop being lazy and actually finish my hotkeys…

    Anyways, a lot of players might be used to scroll up/down for stab and block. maa/sader players at least.

  • As of right now slice is a major team killing issue. Is slice a good move? Yes… But mouse1 should be stab or at least overhead… There’s 1,000 new players for every ten good players.

  • I see where you’re coming from with this, as new players would tend to left click more often than not. but the idea of moving it to a default hotkey somewhere harder to reach on purpose or even removing altogether is absurd.

    Space marine for example (yes-ayee) deliberately has put the ranged weapon attack to be lmb as if it weren’t then people would probably just spam the melee instead……not like we don’t do that already :D

    the devs have probs got some funky stuff planned on basic melee like this anyways tbh 8-)

  • It’s as if the world will end when we remove the slicers…

    Mouse1 Stab
    MWheelUP Slice

    All I’m asking… BEGGING

  • Do it yourself, maybe? If someone doesn’t like how the game buttons are layed out, there is always the option to change it. Why force people to play a certain way because you don’t like it?

  • @Ajax:

    Do it yourself, maybe? If someone doesn’t like how the game buttons are layed out, there is always the option to change it. Why force people to play a certain way because you don’t like it?

    I agree with this. A nifty little feature called: custom key mapping.

  • All you got to do is share it to the community as “The Pro Key-mapping” and I’m sure at least 25% of the noobs will switch to it.

  • I think the best thing to do would be to just simply swap slice with stab. I just tried doing this AoC, and it prevents me from being able to use any “charging” weapon, as you can’t hold down scroll up! So make primary weapon stab, and scroll up slice…

  • There’s probably a work around to that mwheelup +attack

    Make a config.cfg = attack.cfg

    Make a config.cfg = block.cfg

    In Config.cfg / AutoExec.cfg
    bind MWheelUP “Exec Attack.cfg”
    bind MWheelDOWN “Exec Block.cfg”

  • Rolling the mouse wheel up to stab is more intuitive to me. I’m not too concerned with the standard layout though. If someone’s being a fool I usually just inform them. If they keep hitting me I’ll avoid them. If it’s really a problem I’ll swap servers.

  • When i first began playing age of chivalry, the first loading screen that came up was the one were it says what does what on the mouse, and so even from the beginning i knew that there was two other attacks besides left-click. So i sought out to try these attacks and non of them worked except slash. Overhead and stab always missed them, it never hit them even if it looked like it did, so i resorted to slashing which was much more effective because i was actually able to hit people. Now that i have a considerable amount of experience in playing the game, i almost always do an overhead (or stab in the case of guardsman).
    Even though now i barely use slash, i use to when i just started and many noobs would probably have the same problem i had in that it just would not land hits with any attacks except slash. So i think that the default controls should stay as they are.

  • I think we all go through a slashing phase, even I was a slash spamming ‘Knight-With-Longsword’ Pre-CR1 for a few months until I started getting used to overhead. Some slashes do a lot of damage, the Crusader slash still isn’t balanced for example, as two slashes kill the majority of classes (exc. HK, Knight, Serg), just like the common overhead-slash combo. Slashes are more ‘accurate’, faster and very exploitable by moving your mouse quickly, so logically, slash spamming as a Crusader actually makes sense in most cases, but you’ll get called out on it if you do it a lot because it’s considered ‘easy-mode’.

    However, I don’t believe it warrants a change in key-mapping, because whilst there is an argument that most new players go straight to left click and stay at left click, I think balance has a part to play for a large number of weapons. Then there’s the tutorial we’re including this time around too, which will help players understand the full combat mechanics.

  • Well to be fair it’s a simple key change and 2nd off new players may become too distressed learning a new game like this that adding harder to hit over heads and stabs would probably push a breaking point on casuals hence an easier way to hit would be slash.

    And to be nice you can warn them for team killing and if they keep doing it kick them with a simple notice why…Rather have more people play a game than lose a lot of casuals…since in reality that’s what makes a game.

  • Either stab or overhead needs to be mouse1… I really don’t care where you put slice. Stab makes the most sense as it hits the middle of the screen most of the time, like having a normal FPS’er crosshair. Also, it’s the hardest move to block cause it’s just instant.

    Almost all non-n00b players rarely even use slice and if they do, they’re probably a n00bSadeR!

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