Strong independent knight who dont need no maul LF: Duels

  • Hello, if you’re reading this, then I have two questions for you.

    1. Do you live in the US or Canada?

    2. Do you think you can kick the **** out of me?

    If you said yes to both of the above then this thread is for you! I am currently getting bored of slashing away at players and am looking for someone who can literally batter the hell out of me so I can get better.

    (Begin part where I look like an a**) I have been on my fair share of duel servers, and no longer consider many players a threat. The only server where I have found a challenge is the RK duel server. Problem is, my ping is too high there as it is a Euro server. So if you believe you can beat me into a bloody pulp then I greatly welcome the challenge! (End part where I look like an a**)

    My goal is to become an extremely good player, hopefully one of the top. And to get there I need to battle the best players and learn. I welcome any challengers.

    Disclaimer: The original poster does not in any way shape or form intend for this topic to be one proclaiming bragging rights, the original poster reserves the right to refuse a duel, the original poster is a strong independent knight who dont need no maul, the original poster may or may not beat you, and in fact does not intend to fight people whom he can defeat.

    My Steam:

    Thank you and good slicing!

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