Force "tabbed" out of game

  • is anyone else getting this?? I’ve been pushed out of game and to my desktop several times I restart game and its fine then eventually it came back, then it stopped for a while after a server change. is it happening to anyone else or is my machine just bugged? I’m wondering if it’s an exploit or something.

  • That is usually due to other software interfering with the game, try closing or uninstalling any software you don’t need.

    Type msconfig into a run prompt(Win+R) or the search bar and press enter, click on the start up tab and remove all your start up items(don’t touch the services unless you know what you are doing). You can also do this through the task manager if you have windows 8.

    Good luck.

  • Do you use skype?
    If you do, it’s most likely that someone PMed you or someone just came online and your mouse is on the bottom right an when clicking to attack you’ll drop on desktop, happened to me a few times.

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