64 Slot server help + free server!

  • Hey there, Ive been trying to setup a server for the last few hours but I cant see it on the server list or connect to it via console. Its definitely up because I can see it when using HLSW (I think) - I only see an empty black console window when launching.

    Can anyone else see it or connect to it? Its called “Mujinas test server - High spec” and the IP is I might not have set the ports right, could that be the problem? Any help would be appreciated. (It might just be a problem with my end as I cant see any servers at all anymore on the serverlist, and yes I have tried all the things suggested on the post relating to not seeing the server list)

    Also slightly off topic, I would be willing to let people use this server for there clan/community or whatever I just want it to get some use. The specs are E3-1270 with 16 gig of ram which is very high spec and theres nothing else running on the server to slow it down - just send me a PM.

    Thanks for any help people can give.

  • Nvm it added itself to the serverlist after a while without me doing anything.

    If anyone is in need of a clan/community server or want to help me run this one PM me - there were around 45 people on with no signs of lag.

    Also it doesnt seem to be following the map cycle how can I fix this?

    – EDIT –

    All fixed now

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