Arrows/javs midair shouldnt get cancelled when getting hit

  • whenever you get hit by someone, youre arrow/javelin mid air gets cancelled like it just disappears out of nowhere. for example when ur able to release the ammo, and it was supposed to land on the opponent and give you the kill but you got hit by someone it just cancels. its even more crucial because when you play against archers as a javelin guy 1v1 the archer wins the kill/death trade for each other because the archers arrow travels faster, thus hitting the javelin guy first and cancels its javelin supposing to kill the archer. making it not disappear midair would be more realistic

  • I hear you, thats really annoying.
    You know that one arrow you´ve just released would kill your target but…bang…it´s gone… :o

  • you know that jav that you just threw but u got hit by the archer AND survived it, that kill you shoulda had is gone.

  • ^
    I read this 5 times… I still don´t understand what you try to say…

  • @William:

    I read this 5 times… I still don´t understand what you try to say…

    Hehe yeah…. I think he might be saying that getting hit by an arrow also cancels a thrown javelin.

    I assume he means arrows as he specifically mentioned archer.

  • Yes, released projectiles should not automagically disappear from the universe because the poor sap who shot it has a booboo.

  • It’s on the bug list.

  • yay, thanks.

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