Running/Regen and Archer dagger glitch

  • I noticed when I am vanguard and or Knight using toggle run and having it on, it does not regen my health. But as archer, no toggle enabled, holding down run button, I do regen.

    Also, archer with dagger equipped, when I get hit, my dagger goes away I can only move horizontally(almost like spectator mode, though showing no dagger and no shield) and I cannot attack or switch weapons.

  • Anyone else run (pun intended) into this? Seems when running at all with Knight or Vanguard, you do not heal, but running with archer you do heal.

    Also the archer with dagger equiped glitch is odd as well.

  • dunno about health regen, maybe it is working as it should.
    However about that second thing i found it related to block with shield, my view turn to side and i cant do anything for a second, cant take weapon etc. If i hide my shield and parry with dagger everything is fine.

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