Keybind bug "Y" team chat

  • Team chat by default is set to “y”

    I have set my team chat button to “2”. I want “y” set to nothing. I have nothing set to Y and for some reason whenever I press it it opens up the console with the command “TeamSay [fString]” already typed in.

    I want to set “y” to nothing but that always comes up even after changing the Team chat binding.

    I use “t” in my keybindings and if I accidentally press “y” in the heat of a battle it opens the console and my guy stops moving, until I press enter to exit console. This is very annoying.

    Does anyone know a workaround for this bug? Is there any file I can edit to remove this?


  • Never heard of that but I noticed that you can’t bind teamchat to <enter>. If you press it, nothing happens…</enter>

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