64 Slot server lag at full players. Only using a single core

  • Hey - I know the game wasn’t designed for 64 players but as soon as it goes beyond 50 players the pings start jumping massively, Does anyone know if the cmds “TotalNetBandwidth”,“MaxDynamicBandwidth” and “MinDynamicBandwidth” work and if they need to be increased for large slot servers? Thanks!

    Also the server seems to be ignoring my maplist, I removed all but the objective maps and It still does the default maplist, any ideas?
    Fixed, Still need info about above though.

    Thanks for any help!

  • Also I found the this post.

    ;If the server is starting to take too long to do each frame, this will automatically tradeoff increased network use for decreased CPU use (the effect will be reversed if server performance improves)

    ;A more aggressive way of decreasing CPU use; sort of like having the Auto Adjust always going at medium strength. Can combine with the above setting.

    ;Even more aggressive. Can also combine with bAllowRelevancyAutoAdjust, but this is almost at full strength on its own. This includes bNoComplexPawnRelevancy, there’s no need to combine both.

    Which setting would be best for a 64 slot server, just set them all to true? It says there is no need to combine them all - i was just wondering which ones would be the best to use.

    Also the only real problem I have is that the pings go up, the actual server does not really lag as im only running a single server on an e3-1270 with 16 gig of ram - with that in mind which settings would be best?

    Thanks again.

  • Hey - I managed to quite quickly fill up the server today, again it started lagging just after 50 players had joined.

    I opened task manager and was surprised to see that the server was only using a max of 15% of the cpu and 10% of the ram… it seems to be only using a single core. How can I fix this? I thought this game supports multi core on the server (i’m thinking the core maxes out around 50 players and thats why the game suddenly starts to lag a little). Any ideas?

    Thanks, heres a screenshot.

    http://i27.photobucket.com/albums/c157/ … necore.jpg

  • Can anyone help?

  • I’d like to find some info on this as well. The CPU and network usage are very low, yet everyone is lagging after 50 or so players join my server.

  • What type of network backbone is the server on?

  • I have been on a few 64player servers and I see that all of them get lagy at that player count, so its not just you.

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