Sweet spots for weapon-strikes

  • I think weapon strikes should have sweet spots or ranges of sweet spots, where they do their full damage. During the early and last parts of an attack animation, damage should be reduced, so for example slowing down a Zweihander with mousedragging or shoving the attack right into your face will do less damage, because you modify the weapon to hit the opponent at a less beneficial point during the strike. This should not remove mousedragging, but give it a strategic downside to its benefit. The realistic reason for this is that your weapon will have less kinetic energy during the early and later stages of the swing or stab.

    Also it would be nice if long ranged weapons would do less damage in close combat, like the poleaxes or spears when swung, but that might be too difficult to implement and alter the gameplay too much.

  • Nah, this has abuse written all over it, i can already imagine seeing a MAA class running around stabbing people in their sweet spots… :|

  • Are you…serious? :? I didn’t mean specific hit locations, i meant that early or late weapon strikes would do less damage than normal.

  • I do like this idea, but I’m not sure how viable it is to implement at this stage.

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