Parrying on heights/hills/elevated grounds

  • Is it just me or does it feel extremely more difficult to parry someone when they’re on any type of elevation difference from you? Obviously you would have to look up/down more to compensate for it, but it feels completely off on a lot of maps where you’re getting hit when you shouldn’t even when you’re parrying correctly.

    I wanna’ see this tested more, or at least hear more people on it. Are you finding it extremely difficult to parry on hills sometimes? I notice this more when my enemy is higher up than me. And don’t just post your pubstomp experiences, actually go out and try this specifically.

  • No scientific data on this, but I’ve always felt like someone below would have the advantage because my weapon/shield would have a hard time reaching my toes for parries/blocks. I’d think I’ve ever had problems with people above me though. Should be easy to test a map like hillside with all those staircases.

  • I_PINwhhfTM

    This video is clear evidence that the lower person has the advantage, especially when the enemy is jumping from above.

  • I actively avoid fighting on slanted surfaces. I’ve found the results to not be very uniform. Sometimes my weapons ghost through the enemy player, sometimes they land perfectly. Other times, I miss a parry that was correctly aimed to their weapon. It always seems like a 50/50 chance of fighting to work the way I’ve come to expect.

  • If you think parrying on uneven ground is difficult, you should try kicking. Basically impossible.

  • @SlyGoat:

    If you think parrying on uneven ground is difficult, you should try kicking. Basically impossible.

    This, and also what bada has stated. Definitely agree it just feels awkward fighting on hills, have had it go either way.

    Usually just run to somewhere nice and flat so I can get ganked more efficiently.

  • Yeah, I have run into this issue almost always when fighting on uneven terrain. If this scenario does arise, it becomes extremely difficult (If not impossible) to block, and YOU CANT KICK! However, stabbing or attacking is extremely effective, and you will often score a hit on an opponent, as your weapon animations will become all silly, and teleport as you ascend/descend the terrain. :o

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