Votekick:Chivalry community,check the player before voting

  • I see that the more players figure out, how to cast a votekick, the more I encounter unreasonable kicks. A suggestion would be, that next to the playername you want to kick, you see his score/kill/death, and if possible in future how much TK he did, in this window

    Today a guy, “Knight of the Shadows” or something, who we kicked from a former gameserver some rounds ago, because he made lmb tks and spoke offensively to his victims, casted kickvotes on some dude on another server the whole round. Told the players, that we kicked him the last server he was on for tk and bad behavoir, and vote no on his casts. Anyway I was leading my team by at least double points to the previous one and KDR like 8-10 in LTS and accidently stabed a teammate and an opponent simultaneously to death. My first tk since days. Anyway this “Kinght of the [whatever]” was in the opposite team and made votekick on me, saying “kick this tker”. 70% / 30% I was kicked. seconds before I was like “Guys u serious?” Have to say that he was beeing a little cartman all the time and had his chatrage and said how he knows everything better, and I asked him to shut his trap, serveral times. Maybe that gave me a bad reputation, but ppl should really see who they are voting on. I was dissapointed by the lack of cheking, and played somewhere else very happily. Anyway, on the battlefield I’m “bad things 2u”, and will stab you too :D edit: I think I removed a bad word, replaced with “cartman” "

  • I want them to add admin commands, so admins can cancel a votekick. That would be nice and useful!

  • Well I know I don’t even cast a vote if I don’t know why a votekick was initiated on someone.

    If someone is blatantly ignoring duel server rules or team killing loads then sure.

  • once a server gets some active admins on , votekick should automatically be disabled.

  • I saw something similar, some random retard started casting random votekicks on random people with all other randomers on the server voting some of them away for no reason, and when I finally had enough of that BS I tried to votekick him but nobody except for a few people voted so there wheren’t enough people to kick him, all of the people who voted voted yes however. So it was basically a crappy match because of everyone having acces to votekick. It would be nice if this would be removed and replaced by an automated system that only votekicks when you TK a lot or your K/D is literally impossible.

  • I got vote kicked yesterday because some guy said “Kick him”.

  • @manhunt320:

    I got vote kicked yesterday because some guy said “Kick him”.

    same here

  • I got kicked once because i kept killing the admin on the other team. Dude started a votekick and people just pressed Yes without a reason.

  • I almost got votekicked once.

    But then I logged in as an admin 8-)

  • I was about to ban a hacker when someone started a votekick on him. I had to type really fast to avoid him getting kicked before I could ban him.

    Would suck to have him kicked and come back later.

  • I’m honestly getting really fed up with this game for the sole reason that there are so many asshole players throughout the servers. I will play games where someone on my team is DELIBERATELY team killing the whole game, and people for whatever reason will not vote to kick. These people are ruining the experience completely.

    A different example: I am first place on our team with something like 22-5 on a Team Objective game and my teammates are literally ignoring the objective the ENTIRE match and just decide to fight amongst the other team instead. I make it clear that we are going to lose if we keep doing this. Keeps happening. I say it more forcefully this time. I then go ahead and say my team is awful in all chat… well because to be quite frank… they were. I don’t mind if you aren’t good at the game… but I do mind if you are consciously ignoring objectives in a TO game. Someone casts votekick. I get kicked as the number 1 player on the team. Wtf? I’ve honestly encountered a lot of this. Starting to feel like this is a shitty community.

    TL:DR - Community in this game is starting to ruin my experience

  • I had a game where a guy teamkilled me once and then after that would follow me damaging but not killing me. I ignored him, didn’t respond at all and then he started a vote against me which ended 1% short of kicking me.

    That said I have found that for the most part people are fairly careful about these and I see quite a few votes not pass when it is unclear what the player is doing wrong. (However I should also mention that I was unable to get that player kicked even though he teamkilled someone else and still followed me around several times stabbing me in the back)

  • I’ve hardly ever come across any hackers, but I met one today in team objective. This guy Bronson was teleporting all over the place getting constant headshots as archer.

  • I never vote when I don’t know what is going on. Hopefully any sensible person would do this as well.

    Overall I think it’s an okay community. Much better than communities.
    I’ve had my share of rotten apples, but if enough reasonable players are around and you mention first why you’re going to cast a kick vote then the apple is usually tossed out pretty fast.

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