Mouse buttons stopped working

  • I have a Logitech MX1000. I used the forward and back side buttons to thrust and overhead. It was working yesterday. Not today. The game won’t even detect the input at all.


  • Try cheering at the beginning of a round??

  • Seriously? O.o

  • You can delete this, found the problem. My mouse software reconfigured itself to game mode, thereby overwriting the in game bindings.

  • Actually, I experienced something similar to this the other day.
    I was shot/kicked off the catapult (it might have been ballista fire) and it cut off all mouse movement! The buttons were unaffected, only X and Y.

    I could operate the menus fine but in game, regardless of server, X and Y mouse movement was broken.
    Restarting Chivalry fixed the symptoms.

    MS Wheel Mouse Optical 1.1a /w no drivers.

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