Training Session

  • I think one really cool feature would be to have an offline training feature. It would take place in a circular training arena, with every weapon in the game hanging on the wall. Instead of them being normal weapons, they would be a non-lethal wooden version of the weapon. Instead of choosing your character class at the start of the training, you could just walk up to a weapon on the wall to swap your current weapon with the one on the wall. An AI tutor/instructor/teacher would stand on a large stage in the middle. Whenever you enter the stage, the teacher will randomly go through lessons on your selected weapon. When the two of you are fighting, he will verbally tell you when the best time to attack and block is. He will also verbally give random pieces of advice, once again depending on what weapon you have selected. The teacher would also switch weapons with the ones on the wall to give you experience against all weapon types. Both you and the teacher would wear light training clothes. Walking out the door of this training room would return you to the menu.

    I think this method of tutoring will provide a great way to get used to and learn new weapons, especially because time isn’t wasted from dying and respawning. Getting taught from a live AI is much more efficient than a written tutorial or even 1v1 matches on a server. I also think this is the most immersive way of learning the game, as instead of choosing classes from a menu, you just walk over and pickup a weapon. Obviously ranged weapons cannot be used in this training room, but maybe a door could lead to an outdoor range, where the instructor could give you tips while you shoot at targets. Maybe the teacher could even release birds from cages that you can shoot at!

    If you like this idea, make sure you vote in the poll! :D

  • I like this idea, though the birds seem a bit much. lol

    It would be really fun, and it would help players like me, who are not members of clans or guilds, learn the game through experiance.

  • Developer

    We are planning on having both a tutorial and options available for offline play. It’s something we haven’t focused on too much yet so its nice to see community ideas for how they think we could best help new players learn the game.

  • Nice idea +1

    For training options I’d like to have “Relentless assault” or “Relentless defence” or “Berserk defense” or whatever name fits your fancy:

    You take no damage and have no stamina.
    AI will relentlessly do all kinds of attacks that you have to block (Maybe dodge?)
    AI does not suffer from the ‘Your-attack-was-blocked-extra-delay-before-your-next-attack’

    To quickly train blocking/swing timings.

  • nice idea dude!

    i was also wondering if the devs were going to have one or if we needed to make one ourselves :D :D . As an extra idea i was wondering if there could be a sort of instance where you learn how to fight without having to focus on one enemy at a time. say you would be fighting against one enemy ai with unlimited hp and stam, and you have i dunno say 12 secs to solve a simple puzzle like " 2x-7=1, what is x?" before you die from a wall or somesort. The enemy is only really there to pester and distract you from thinking calmly and so to win you need to be able to multitask. The questions would also probs get harder ^^.

    anyhow is there gonna be an update this weekend does anyone know?

  • I wasn’t thinking of this training room to be a “First time playing the game, I want to learn how to play.”, I was thinking the teacher would get easier or more difficult depending on how many kills/deaths you have from multiplayer/singleplayer. 8-)

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