A new class specifically for female players - Iron Maiden

  • The Iron Maiden is the lightest of all classes weighing under 120 lbs, wearing no armor, in fact, very little clothing at all. She is a ranged class fighter with a devastating iron throw attack which deals ranged blunt damage equally to the light and heavy armor users, as well the male ego. Her Frying Pan is an effective melee weapon dealing close range blunt damage, but can also be thrown at an enemy’s head for a bonus clank effect. Here potent secondary “This is my Broom Stick!” is a true battlefield sweeper. Literally - the dust it creates effectively blinds opponents forcing them to miss their attacks. And who doesn’t like a clean battlefield to decapitate your opponent on?!

    Special - Sammich -
    Iron Maiden produces a Sammich, which instantly heals her teammate to full health.
    Kickstarter participants have the ability to use a Brewski instead with the same effect.

    P.S. This is in response to the thread titled “The problem with Women”. :D :D :D

  • I strongly predict that the devs have a different type of “iron maiden” coming in a future update.

  • For all Iron Maiden fans. I’d say Number of the Beast, I know it and you know it. ,/

    Back to classes. No, if anything they would be called ‘Maidens’ only. Female players either need to figure up something really unique and constructive wall-of-text also to be able to outsmart the haters.

    But, that doesnt mean I disagree their existence in game.

  • Nope.

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