Feed the mace!

  • How about a new lotr-style game mode:
    Phase 1:
    last-man-standing / ffa. Whoever outlasts everyone else recieves “the one ring” (or something similar, just less copyright violating^^)
    Ringcarry vs everyone else ( probably about 20-30 players)
    -has a massive aoe mace attack
    -is immune to arrows
    -has other cool stuff

    -has also certain weaknesses that can be exploited through teamplay e.g.can at least be partially blocked by serveral shield / is vulnerable in the back

    Would actually have to be a mod since the devs don’t want supernatural content…

  • Yes, it would be, if at all, a mod. So why post that here and not in the mods section?
    Lets keep the vanilla game BS-Free please…

  • pardon, this was predictable… I’m most upset to be wasting your time, my lord.

    this thread can be trashed.

  • Aww, come on, I can´t see a girl cry. :D

    No, seriously, this game is meant to be semi-historical correct & kinda-realistic. While it is a ficitive setting, there is and will not be any kind of “magic”. That is simply not the games topic or goal.

    I did not meant to offend you, there can be tons of mods with pink ponies or magic dragons and unicorns and rings to bind them all - or however this phrase was, but this is not a part of vanilla(!) Chivalry: MW ;)

    Sorry again man, Im just growing tired of fantasy-approaches in this game, since this is my personal worst case scenario (Chiv going fantasy all the way…)

  • nah I woudln’t give up about it already if I thought it’s a good idea ^^ just some random thoughts in the wrong section. Although, such a gamemode could release some of the pressure certain ppl seem to build up playing this game… <.<

  • @William:

    Lets keep the vanilla game BS-Free please…


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