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  • I had a suggestion…perhaps a bit late in development, but a suggestion nonetheless…

    Take the standard gamemodes (say, Objective, Team Deathmatch, and CTF, as example), and make an “Army” gamemode version of them to run alongside the regular ones. In the Army versions, each player, depending on class and loadout, would have anywhere from one to three or so AI allies that follow them and protect the player from harm. They all use the same equipment as the player, and the player can customize their AI “army” the same way they can themselves. When the actual player avatar dies, rather than respawn, (s)he switches to one of his/her AI soldiers instead, and once the last player soldier dies (Or the player, if the soldiers are all killed first), then the player respawns, with a new AI army.

    Player army numbers would go as following:
    Knight - 1 AI soldier (After all, Knights made up the smallest fighting force in an army, typically)
    Vanguard - 2 AI Soldiers (It is the newb-friendly class, so to counter that, give them less soldiers)
    Man-At-Arms - 3 AI Soldiers (Men-At-Arms made up the largest part of the army)
    Archer - 2 AI Soldiers (Naturally the AI would be less accurate than the player)

    For example, say Robert is a Vanguard. He and his 2 AI protectors go against Sir_Stabsalot and his single Knight ally. Robert kills Sir_Stabsalot’s ally, but gets killed in the process. Robert takes control of one of his soldiers and kills Sir_Stabsalot, who is forced to respawn while Robert is able to keep playing because he still has a soldier left.

    The AI soldiers wouldn’t be able to complete objectives or anything, and they would not move any farther than about 5 meters away from their player. The primary purpose of the AI army is to protect their player, and they try to do that without getting in the way. The AI go where the player goes (And fall in behind the player when entering narrow passages), they attack anyone who tries to attack them or their player, though with far less skill than any good player can achieve, and they allow a player to keep fighting on the front lines, even though their avatar may have been slain.

    Purpose would be to keep players playing, rather than running up to the battle after a single lucky hit, and to make the battles seem larger and more like actual army combat, rather than a bunch of skirmishing warbands. The idea would be either these bands of player-following AI protectors, or a large mass of AI troops with no orders running around, and this seemed like it would be the best idea. Plus, it makes the players feel like they are small heroes within this grand army of men, as well as making the smaller-scale servers actually fun, rather than an archer and a man-at-arms trying to stop a knight and a vanguard from taking the fortress, it actually seems like there are more people than there actually are.

    You never, ever see player-following AI soldiers in multiplayer games, and that would set Chivalry even farther apart than other First-Person games. Since there is no commanding the troops, and they are just there to protect the player, it allows them to be unobtrusive, while still being appreciated. It would allow a player to complete an objective without too much of a worry about being stabbed in the back.

    What do you think?

  • @Ajax:

    You never, ever see player-following AI soldiers in multiplayer , and that would set Chivalry even farther apart than other First-Person games.

    What do you think?

    Warband did it, but they do have the whole money system going for them. But it is a really good idea.

  • I haven’t read the whole post yet, but I love the fact that you switch to one of your AI soldiers when you die! :D The AI should really stay further away though… Even just go where they please.

  • If the AI soldiers stay too far away, then they’re not doing a really good job at protecting their player, as someone could just charge in a gap to kill the player. If they just go where they please, then it adds to the clutter of a battlefield, and there is really no point in them being the player’s army. The reason for them staying so close (Roughly 3-7 meters, I think, would be good) would be that they’re able to defend the player without getting in the way, and they would be able to maintain the illusion of them being a player’s army.

  • I don’t really like the idea of each player having their own small army, but I do like the idea that every time you spawn, an x number of AI spawns with you, depending on what class you are. I also like the idea that instead of respawning at death, you take control of one of the AIs that spawned with you. This way you still get the feel of a huge army with many people all around you, but you don’t have your own personal “body guards”. 8-)

  • The whole balance of the AI is destroyed if the AI goes off on it’s own. The reason you can easily swap between your player and your player’s soldiers is because you are in the same area. That puts you at neither an advantage, nor a disadvantage. I don’t want to die, only to take control of an AI that stupidly ran headlong into a group of eight Knights. That’s not fun.

    It’s that last little extra push, you’re just about to the objective when you die, and you take control of a soldier and finish it off. It’s that last defence, you’re holding your own, waiting for your allies to complete an objective, and you die. All of a sudden, you’re not where you want or need to be. You are forced to adapt to a situation you have no control over, or desire to be in.

    If the AI follow you pretty close, you always know where you are going to be, what you are doing, and who you’re fighting. If I’m in a desperate gamble, I don’t want to die and be unlucky enough to take control of someone on the other side of the battlefield. That takes control away from the player, and that is not what we want with this game.

    It’s about knowing where you and your enemies are. With the AI following you pretty close, you still have that. Plus, they would fight anybody that got within that range of you. They’re not your bodyguards, they’re just there to fight in the general area that you’re fighting in. They’ll guard your back when doing objectives simply because they are there to fight anybody in range.

  • I had something along these lines of making the battle appear more battle-like instead of a skirmish sort of affair, as a map idea a while ago (i will make them probs with the dev kit after release) so i may aswell unleash them now. Both of them extensively use those props of dueling soldiers that are just on a loop (like in lotr conquest, but better quality), i think i posted about them somwhere too.


    1. this is basically a map filled with the fighting animations in any order to represent a swirling melee in the midst of battle. Cut into it is a sort of “crop-circle” pattern of spaces of circles and paths through the melee, where players spawn fight etc. Stepping into (or being pushed kicked etc) the animations outside of the clear space results in an insta death, and the paths between circle clearings are only really wide enough for one at a time. Players will spawn either in a random clearing or in one of two big clearing at opposite ends of the field (with perhaps a third big one in the middle for simple charges, or to hold the flag in ctf games), and…well you can sort of see where i am going yes?

    2. an incredibly thin horizontal map which represents the first clash of arms. this is about 30-40 paces wide (can be covered completely by a large team) and around 10 paces from spawn to spawn. The sides are flanked by lots more combat animation ppl things, so the only way to go is forwards. Obviously the 2 spawns are directly facing each other and it really doesn’t have many tactial possibilities beyond a shield wall. The spawn time is also reduced to practically 0 (like some of those tf2 servers), so that more often than not you will spawn whilst watching your killer laugh at your last body. again not a particularly strategeic map but it will sure as hell be fun! :D.

    hope these may give the impression of a proper war for y’all :D

  • Have any of you guys played c-rpg? I’m assuming a few of you would have.

    I think the gear system in that (its a mod for M&B Warband for those that don’t know it) is brilliant. Also Mercenaries (another warband mod) has a great system too.

    It would be awesome to have a huge selection of gear availble to build your class out of. You gain “class” points as play and become more of lordly rich nob :D So you select you base class and are give a pot of gold/points to use plus a set of basic armour and weapons and from there you tool up.

    It would be awesome to dress to impress and so long as its not treated like unlockable gear that gets better the higher level you are it should not cause a problem.

    The trick is to balance it all out. Awesome heavy armour slows you down and makes it harder to block and swing, sucks up more stamina. Light armour fast but squishy, so on and so forth.


    Have any of you guys played c-rpg? I……, so on and so forth.

    So…what about player armies here in that post???

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