How do I get around the shield?

  • Using a halberd/spear, I find it difficult getting past a shield. How do I do this? I have tried jumping overheads as per Shara’s videos, but I don’t feel that I jump high enough…

  • Try move to the sides of whoever you’re fighting, aim thrusts at their toes, try some angled overhead’s while jumping i.e. jumping and attacking across their body rather than directly at them

  • With long range thrusting weapons, the best option is usually to just switch to your secondary.

  • My personal favorite is the “Shield Breaker” move with the Maul. Charge up a overhead and then when the windup is nearly done you jump up towards them and aim down their head. Works nearly always against the average player. But against more experienced players you must be more sneaky than that.

  • here u go my friend. … cvjW13wviA

    its old but here u go.

  • I usually go for overheads to the side, but when the area does not allow it I simply wait for an opening.

    Then again I feel I need to sink more time into this game to develop a smarter strategy, but for now this works okay. :D

  • Jump over it. Use terrain. Kick the crap out of them. Lure them to cliffs. If none of that works, then drain their stamina.

  • If your playing vanguard use Dane Axe as your 2ndary and get to there sides. Lmb if your to there right and overhead if your to there left. Every fight that I need speed or have to fight a shield user I switch to 2ndary.

  • @gslashg:

    If your playing vanguard


    But anyways, I usually play MAA dane axe now, and its pretty much what gslashg said, go right swinging or go left overhead. But MAA can just sidestep there which pretty much guarantees a hit.

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