• I know I’m writing a lot about the ESL here. That’s simply because the ESL is the best choice for competitive playing. I’m currently trying to get this game into the ESL and I really hope it succeeds…
    But actually I’m not even sure if you guys are interested in that.
    If you are you can post here: … 1351861633
    and try to help to get this game into the ESL.
    The ESL (and other leagues) is one of the reasons why some games are still be played.
    If a game is successful it can become part of the Pro Series or even the Extreme Masters with huge events and money prices.
    Personally I think the ESL would be the best option for a competitive played Chivalry.

  • would be nice to get into the big leagues, but we probably want to wait until some of these bugs are fixed, and the game hasn’t even been out a month yet.

  • Nice news coming soon

  • Look forward to it :-)

  • Hi there,

    since there is already a topic, I will just bump it and tell you what I want.

    I’m Peli from and today we have announced the Chivalry: Medieval Warfare section on our website. Together with afiNity we would like to bring this game into e-sport.

    Before we can start, we need your help. We need your suggestions to keep the game fun and competitive. Which ladders, modes, cups would you like to see? Would you add something important to the rules? Please write it in our forum topic:

    Second thing, we need some manpower to run the section. If you are interested in becoming ESL admin, please read this news:

    In few days we will start the section with the Opening Cup. Hope to see you there!

    Best regards,
    Peli, ESL Staff

  • I find 3rd-party leagues to be archaic.

    From my experience, cups and community interplay are more effective in developing a competitive base than your standard league or ladder system. In other words: It’s a lot of effort for little reward. With a cup I can sign up beforehand, on the same day, and get a game in before bedtime.

    Something more official however would be great - a tournament run by the developers with a fancy system in place - similar to other games on the market right now - would be highly suitable.

  • I don’t understand what you mean CSui, care to elaborate?

  • Unofficial leagues tend to split the community up and results in a saturation of rule sets and procedures. It’s better if 3rd-party leagues come after a foundation of a community begins. It feels like we discarding the competitive aspect of the game if we, as a community, are attempting to get into IEM or Pro Series without first showing the masses what chivalry is capable of.

    I’ve used ESL before and, unless you are playing for large prizes, its formatting is poor and takes far too long to find a decent match-up. What most competitive players want, from my experience, is a steady stream of opponents who are close to there skill level and are wanting to continually improve. This can be done via inter-community scrims by use of camaraderie or from night cups which, in my view, are more effective at developing a competitive vibe throughout a community.

  • @Snuffeldjuret:

    I don’t understand what you mean CSui, care to elaborate?

    I think CSui refers to League of Legends and value of tournaments organised directly by game developer. However, every competitive game started on 3rd-party league. ESL section will surely boost the competitive community and bring some fresh air into the game :)

    Edit: didn’t see the CSui new post, will answer to it:

    Scrims are pretty different than e-sport competition (cup or ladder). In scrims, you prefer to try something new and overall train to get better. Leagues are to prove how good you are, even if it’s an amateur cup created by some random user.

    By the way: why do you think that going on ESL is discarding of competitive aspect of the game?

  • A huge problem at the moment is that people view Chivalry as ‘that comedic medieval warfare game where you dismember people,’ as opposed to our visions of a true competitive battle experience.

    My preferred way of advocating the competitive aspect of the game would be to promote a large community run event to show people what we’re about.

    By the way: why do you think that going on ESL is discarding of competitive aspect of the game?

    A long time ago when I was training with my team for a LAN event, we tried to use ESL to get good matches and the like. Most of the time, what happened, was that games had to be arranged so far in advance that when the time came to play the game, my team or there’s had other plans or we simply could of played a night-cup and played upwards of 3-8 matches depending on how well we did, as opposed to one.

    Another point against leagues is that they quickly devolve into an escapade of ‘who can get the most points,’ - often by laming each other over dodgy rule-sets - rather than simply playing the game and continuing to improve or defend your position.

  • Seriously, what the fuck are you talking about? I have no idea how to even respond to what you are saying.

  • @Snuffeldjuret:

    Seriously, what the fuck are you talking about? I have no idea how to even respond to what you are saying.

    Quote what you didn’t understand and I’ll try my best to clarify.

  • CSui made his opinion from what he has experienced in the past.
    He was playing a game with a community that wasn’t very active on ESL.
    This is why they had a hard time trying to find matches and had to plan them a long time before.

    But let me tell you this, CSui: this is not how it has to be!
    First of all, nowadays the ESL has the so called VERSUS system.
    When Chivalry gets on this system, you can hit the VERSUS button (alone or with some friends) and you get in a match making system, that is putting you together with others to have a quick match.

    Then there are the ladders.
    I used to play in ESL ladders for a really long time.
    I played the game Jedi Knight : Jedi Academy.
    And even during the last 2 years, where only an avarage about 100 people where still playing this game competitively, there were ladder matches every single day.
    It’s not about the ESL, it’s how active the community is on it.

    And i get your point that you are afraid that the community will split up.
    On one hand there will be the ones who prefer to play unofficial, who set up their own tournaments and so on.
    On the other hand, there will be the ones who are really into competitive play.
    With leagues, with cups and all.
    Because they like to mess with other teams, and earn points, rankings, and prices for a win.
    So actually, the ones who are heaving tournaments just for the fun of it, would anyways be apart of them, who want to defeat others and fight about who is the best.

    Ofc it would be a good idea if Chivalry itself would create sth like the ESL already has,
    but in the end it would just be the same!
    So why not using the ESL, when we are so lucky to be able to?
    And you even can participate in forming the Chivalry section on the ESL,
    right here and right now in this very thread.

    I missed the point about exploiting lacks in the rules.
    Of course there may occur things that no one thought of, that can be used as an unfair advantage against the other team or player.
    But when such things are detected, i am pretty sure the admins will discuss them and if necessary create a rule for it.
    For example:
    in my previous game we used to play team deathmatch with a timelimit, but no fraglimit.
    The team that had the most frags at the end of the time would win.
    So people started to get a frag and run away and hide for the rest of the time.
    But the ESL reacted fast and BAM:

    "4.3.4. Excessive avoidance of enemy contact
    It is not allowed to continuously bar the opponent from fragging
    by any form of action (e.g. running or jumping away, extreme passive play). "

    See, the ESL isn’t that bad ;)

  • I can only say that I have a great experience with playing a smaller game competitively at ESL, looking at public player numbers around 5 times smaller than Chivalry. Of course we played many unofficial scrims/matches/pcws against other clans/teams, and that was great for practice and everyday gaming. We also of course played many official matches at ESL, and that was great for fierce competition. Being able to compete at ESL kept the game going, but bad decisions from the ESL admins and dropped developer support sadly “killed off” the game =(.

    “No disrespect” to other 3rd party sites etc, but I have never found anyone I like more than ESL.

  • We’re still searching for admins:

  • I wouldn’t mind being an admin, although I’m not too familiar with competitive chivalry.

    Will my application go far or are there better candidates?

  • At the moment we have less candidates as we need in the end.

  • Just to chip in TBS will be implementing a dueling system which sounds very very promising.

  • As long as ESL caters for 8v8 TO and actually consults the clans on the rules, then RK will consider entering.

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