Who we are:

    [TEMPLAR]Gravity Cat

    [TEMPLAR] Public Server

    TEMPLAR Forum

    History of our team:

    TEMPLAR was founded by cptdno and afiNity. We can’t shine with a stunning history in Age of Chivalry, but we are by far not unexperienced. We used to play Jedi Knight : Jedi Academy for about 8 years, which is a melee-fighting game just like Chivalry. Our team was one of the most successful once in the game and is still on rank 1 of the Jedi Knight ESL Hall of Fame. As TEMPLAR we managed to become one of the most challenging opponents to any other team in the game. RobertBaratheon and thomi are now in charge and do most of the clan-management.

    What we have:

    In detail this means we got Teamspeak 3 servers, a forum and a homepage if you wish
    (http://www.vination.eu) and gameservers.
    We also offer years of experience in leadership and management and in competitive play.

    What we want:

    We want mates, who dont have a stick up their ass.
    We want mates, who have skill and are good at learning.
    And we want mates, who we will see more than an hour a week.
    Also you need to be able to speak english.
    But most of all, we are looking for those of you, who are willing to compete with others in this
    (Btw: People seem to think being competitive means you cant have fun, in our opinion its the very opposite)

    Contact information:

    [TEMPLAR] RobertBaratheon
    [TEMPLAR] thomi
    [TEMPLAR] afiNity

    Feel free to contact us at any time.

    Kindly regards,
    cptdno and afinity

  • Hi guys…just bought the game and will be on this coming week sometime when im back of vacation and got more time on my hands,hopefully i can get to join up with you guys :)

  • Sure, we’re still searching :)

  • Carlo just joined us, still recruiting.

  • Thomi is now with us (and maybe two more) + our server is up:


  • We got now a forum:

  • Hello there good sir, I wish to join this establishment as I am looking for someone to play with competitivly, can I join you guys?

    EDIT: I am applying to this clan because of the templar name and symbol, EU <3

  • Still recruiting? im very interested in joining a competitive team which wants to improve and have fun :)

    -Steam: Spartacus/Cenmer

  • Hello there. We got room for 1-2 more members.

  • Promising bunch hope to see alot more of you in the upcoming weeks. Hope the recruits come flooding in and we can do a 10v10 sometime soon.

  • Thanks, we’re still looking for a superb archer

  • We’re getting quite a lot requests, still looking for two more.

  • We are still looking for two skilled players.
    Feel free to contact us if you are rank 20+.

    Our current members are:

    on trial:

    second server coming in soon

  • Recruitment re-opened for another archer. Please only apply if you are rank 30+ and if you think that you can compete with the best.

  • ah, how disappointing, I played JKA for about 7 years too

  • Searching for another excellent polearm/spear-vanguard.


    Please only apply if you are rank 30+ and if you think that you can compete with the best.

  • We are invite only from now on.

  • Hi Guys, hope all is going well and hopefully will be back soon for some scrims! :D

  • Recruitment reopened!

  • Still looking for an archer? I am not lvl. 30 but I am a server topper…

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