Parry Stun

  • I feel that after you parry someone’s blow, there should be a .5 second stun (the time could be tweaked if too high or low). The reason why I feel this way is because, if you are using some sort of two handed weapon and you parry someone’s blow, they aren’t really punished at all because they can instantly put up a block, then go ahead and swing again. This would also solve the problem of lmb spammers who can continue to spam lmb even after being parried, because they can just instantly initiate another attack.

  • To my knowledge, you can’t instantly wind up another blow after you are parried. By the time you acctualy wind up another attack, the enemy has just enough time to hit you. That’s why you can parry after getting parried, but you won’t attack faster than your opponent. What you are saying is that after i get parried, i shouldn’t be able to block when the enemy counter strikes?

  • You have to completely consider what your change would do to the game. If you give someone who just parried a free, unparryable hit on your enemy, who in their sane mind would do the first attack? Everyone would be playing with a maul (because this free hit can oneshot 3 of the four classes) and waiting for the enemy to attack. Now if you want to attack you have to feint until your enemy uses his parry, otherwise you are guaranteed to get one in the face (considering how easy it is to parry in this game).

    Now one step further: shield users would have to do 2 things:
    -if enemy weapon moves, put shield up
    -if you hear “donk” after ~2sec-> hit enemy with warhammer
    -else repeat loop

    After 2 hits every enemy is dead. I hope you can see now why your suggestion would utterly destroy the combat system.

  • @tamashi
    No not at all, being able to block after being parried is totally fair. What I am trying to say, is that in my time of playing, if I have a two handed weapon or a weapon that has a little bit of a slower attack speed, by the time I wind up for an attack after parrying his blow and my attack has hit him, he has also wound up and hits me as well because I cannot bring up my weapon in time to parry and my attack wasn’t in time to stop his swing. Even though I parried his initial blow, I have still taken damage because I decided to attack after parrying him. It may also just be that do not have my timing down, but I really only run into this problem when I encounter spammers.

    This change would not be long enough to do what you say it would. It wouldn’t be a free hit, I believe all of the weapons have a wind up longer than .5 of a second (I also said it could be shortened). The main thing such a small time would do is prevent people from spamming lmb. All of the weapons have at least a second, if not more, wind up time before they strike, so you would have plenty of time to parry their incoming blow.

  • In regards to your reply i would say that it is normal, that smaller weapons will be able to wind up in given situation fast enough to not get interrupted, and i believe that is the way it should be, since you can’t expect to wind up twohander faster than broad sword. What you need to do in given situation is to create the distance between you and your opponent, or distance between his weapon and yourself if he is swinging at the moment. Once you got this down, there won’t be any problems. maa can’t “dodge” into you when he swings, so you’ll need to move back while parrying, after paried swing either kick the maa, or just move the same direction his weapon does while winding up. That should give you enough time to poke him away from you. If you meet anything other than maa, you’ll have even less trouble, but i leave it to you to figure it out. Anyway, it is not a bug or anything to “balance” in game. That is the problem you have to get around. ^^

  • I see, I must just be a noob :p

  • I wouldn’t say that. The lmb spammers are all noobs in my opinion. i acctualy saw 2 clanmembers (random clan, can’t realy recall what the tag was) doing the spam thingy with warhammers. :( The thing is, that when you play for a while you’ll notice it yourself that every “style” people are using has it’s flaws. Besides that i find myself dying to lmb spam with morningstar quite a lot. I don’t know why, but knight with morningstar + shield is slaying me like i’m a filthy peasant.

  • That’s pretty much the reason I find myself going to duel servers more often nowadays.

  • Same here. I’m waiting for the patch before i’ll go on the normal TO servers, cause now it’s just boring to do the same objectives again and again while kill many random people who basicly have no clue what feint or parry is. Duel servers give you more challenge.

  • It is also very annoying to have to run into the occasional tker who is there just to be an ass. My team lost one time while I was the king because all the kid was doing was spamming and I couldn’t parry fast enough because my team was also spamming lmb while trying to kill him, so my team did way more damage to me then the enemy did, and ultimately was the reason why I was killed. I was able to handle anyone the other team could throw at me, but not 6+ people wildly spamming to kill one person.

  • @xUncleOwenx:

    … they aren’t really punished at all because they can instantly put up a block, then go ahead and swing again…

    You make it sound like they shouldn’t be able to block…ok i misinterpreted that one.

    If you encounter problems with lmb spammer, stay calm. Parry their attack and press an attack button WHILE you are parrying. This will greatly reduce your next wind up. This should be enough for any lmb spammer to hit them, if not, just use a feint before your next attack and now you will hit. Just keep parrying his blows, I have NEVER seen a lmb spammer do a feint so as long as you’re parrying everything (and it’s 1v1) you won’t get hit. I hope I could help you :)

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