Ammo Retrieving Animation?

  • I really think there should be an animation that takes place when a player picks up ammo from the ground or an ammo box. Because the animation would take a few seconds to finish, picking up ammo should be done only by pressing a key. Not only would the game feel more real, but I would think twice about picking up a javelin from the ground in the middle of a battle! 8-)

  • I disagree with this idea, simply because it halts the ebb and flow of battle.

    I don’t think it’s even necessary to pick up ammo from the battlefield, except in the ammo replenishing containers. Javelins, yeah, should be retrievable…but only when they have hit dirt or something that would be “easy” to pull them out of. I think there should be a chance that they have been damaged when they hit something, especially if they have hit a rock before bouncing off and landing on the ground, and would thus be unusable.

    The only reliable way to replenish javelin ammo, and the only way for any crossbow bolt or arrow period, should be the ammo box.

  • Obviously arrows and bolts cannot be picked up in the battlefield, but javelins can. Instead of magically picking up a javelin in a slit second, why not ad a 1.5 -2.5 second long animation for picking them up? Same applies to ammo boxes. I just think it would make the game that much more aesthetic.

    I disagree with this idea, simply because it halts the ebb and flow of battle.

    If the only time you pickup ammo is from an ammo box or a javelin on the ground, like I said above, why not add a very short animation of the player reaching out and picking them up? Ammo boxes are usually located away from the battle.

    I think it’s a great idea for javelins to break depending on what material they hit.

  • Because that’s 1.5-2.5 seconds where you’re standing still and can’t do anything. You are basically vulnerable to everything, and thet would be the perfect way to get a cheap kill.

    I don’t want to pick up a javelin right before I see an enemy charge at and kill me while I can’t do anything. Even a 1 second pause is enough for a decent archer to kill you without you even having a chance. That’s not fun, and it feels like a punishment.

    Besides, if it’s stuck in something soft, like dirt or hay, then realistically, you could grab it while moving with no loss of speed or control. I’ve done it myself. Not with a javelin, but with a sword I stuck in the ground. I walked over and kept moving. There’ s no need for an animation that breaks your personal flow of combat.

  • How about you can still move, but your arm reaches out for what you’re picking up? I’m sure the UE3 can handle animations like that…

    I just feel that if Medieval Warfare is going for a realistic feel, you shouldn’t just pick up ammo from an ammo box by running into it then backing up…

  • I would support an animation where a hand reaches out towards it as you grab it, and I don’t mind having the players press the use key to retrieve the ammo. However, I don’t agree with making the player stand still for an elaborate/semi-elaborate animation. If it was a simple reach out and grab animation, perhaps similar to the way Dark Messiah of Might and Magic has it, it would be better.

    Left 4 Dead reaches a hand out when you can grab something. That would be an excellent way to indicate something is useable without any unrealistic UI indicators or anything. Simple and effective, and without needing to force players to stop.

    I would support forcing the players into an animation for pushing a battering ram or something of that extent. Those things are heavy, and a person would not be able to push it and fight at the same time. I don’t think I’d require more than one person pushing it, though, as there is the fact that gameplay is preferable to realism.

  • I agree with Deception.
    It’s a good suggestion and it will make the game feel more realistic and it introduces more skill and tactics into the game.

    If someone doesn’t wanna receive a free hit then he should avoid giving the chance to the opponent.
    For example trying to unstuck a stucked javelin isn’t something someone would have done while tightly facing an opponent even though there should be different times for each action.

    Other than that i don’t wanna see full armored guys magically retrieving/using stuff on the run while on the same time they got both their hands full. This sounds more like Unreal Tournament Medieval Edition to me.

  • A third-person animation could be there, and what I’m saying is that no matter the situation, a medieval soldier is not going to stop in the middle of a battle to pull his javelin out of a dude’s head, or out of the wood in the wall where it is stuck. Why? Because the time and energy required would get him killed.

    You run over to an empty field, where a javelin is stuck in a wooden board on a house. There are no enemies around. You stop to pick it up, and an enemy archer shoots you in the head. Is that fun? No. You grab at a javelin stuck into a fallen shield when there are no enemies that you can see, and as your char stops to pull it out, an enemy comes around the corner and kills you. You can’t do anything because you’re locked in an animation that can’t be interrupted. That’s not fun.

    I’m not saying there shouldn’t be an animation for it. I’m saying it should be limited to javelins only, it should not halt or hinder your movement, you should initiate the animation yourself, and you should only be allowed to take javelins from soft targets, like dirt and hay. A simple animation like reaching out and plucking it up as you move would be perfect. It’s not only doable in person, but it shouldn’t be that hard to do in game. Dark Messiah did it, and that was running on an early version of the Source engine, so with UE3, it should be very easy to do.

    Forcing a player to stop to watch an animation goes against what the devs want. It’s why they won’t include excecution style moves. It takes control away from the player, and the player should be in control at ALL TIMES. If the game forces you to stop and watch a 1.5-3 second animation, that’s 1.5-3 seconds where you not only have no control, but you can’t react when somebody charges at you.

    Historically, men hurling javelins, and especially archers and crossbowmen, would wait until the battle is over to wade through the battlefield and retrieve any arrows, bolts, or javelins that are still in good enough condition to reuse. Rarely did they ever retrieve ammo in the middle of combat. If they needed a resupply, they would either abandon their bow, or find someone that had extra. If there was an ammo storage, they would go there. Nobody was foolish enough to wade into combat to pick up spent ammo.

  • +1 to this idea!

  • Have an animation for picking something up, yes. Stopping you completely for 3 seconds just to grab another javelin to throw, no. We want realism, but not something that detracts from gameplay. I would like to see ammo taken off of recently deceased warriors (if you just killed another javelineer or archer, why not take what he has in his quiver or inside of his head?).

  • how about a different animation for these things. Like an animation from picking ammo from a supply box and if you hold shift you can do it quickly. But it would slightly drain stamina. Same goes with picking up a jav in the ground. If you run towards it you just end up yanking it off the ground and continue running. If you just walk over to it it will take like 1 second to yank it up off the ground.

  • I don’t really like this idea. It would be sort of weird, if you think about it… just reaching your hands out to reach a crate or javelin that’s not level with your arms. You would have to crouch to make it look normal. And I don’t really want to have to crouch just to pick up one arrow or whatever I need to pick up.

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