Knock down price on Chivaly Servers

  • GTSGaming Chivalry Servers.
    Now only £5.78 per month for 32 slots - Game servers based in the UK….

    **Features include:**Game Server Features:

    1. 66 Tick rate
    2. No Setup Fee (FREE Setup on all servers)
    3. Tech Support
    4. Web Control Panel for one click start/stop
    5. Full FTP Access
    6. Instant Game Server Activation
    7. No Bandwidth Limits
    8. Unlimited Map/Sounds Space

    GTSGaming promise you can also upload anything to your FTP servers for your games without any restrictions which is also true! a lot of providers will not allow you to upload .dll, .exe, .sh, .so files which makes it impossible to upload mods.
    At GTSGaming We Allow All Files To Be Uploaded or Changed Via FTP, Files Like .dll, .exe, .sh, .so and So On.

    Purchase your server here at:

    list of purchased gtsgaming chivalry servers: (give them a try out) and test out a server. RK | Royal Knights TO Server | EU 01 RK | Royal Knights LTS Server | EU 02 RK | Royal Knights Duel Server | EU 03

    Why Not Purchase 3 servers with our gtsgaming deal:

    32 Slot Public Server
    32 Slot Public Server
    32 Slot Private Server
    3 Servers for 1 price
    Only £11.19 Per Month

    all GTSGaming Game Server cost from £260 - £5.78 on any Game Server, not 1 gtsgaming game server costs more than £6.00 per month, at we dont even charge you for VAT.

    Try Outsome other servers on other Games:

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    Many more to test - just ask - contact us totry out a UK Based Server

    Regards & Happy Gaming



    Andy Williams

  • You get what you pay for… :?

  • @L3gacy:

    You get what you pay for… :?

    In defence of GTS, I have been with many UK hosts in the last 5 years and honestly, I can’t fault them or the servers up to now and I have some pretty high standards otherwise I’ll switch in a heartbeat. You have TCAdmin as your control panel, which is a 3rd party control panel and one of the best out there and allows you to do practically anything: modify your startup line, stop/start/restart, and edit server configs using the TCAdmin text editor so you don’t even have to use FTP to do the most basic customisation of your server. They automatically add all the necessary files which can be edited, and if the file is not there, just give them a shout and they can add it for you.

    Pings are perfect across all of EU and since it’s based in the UK, east coast NAers get approx ~100-120 ping. You know those jumps/teleport issues you see on some full servers? We’ve never had that at all on our servers, and we have no lag issues when they are full.

    I was skeptical about the price myself when I first stumbled upon them, so I asked for a free trial server and an account for 24 hours so I could test the control panel and the server, they set it up instantly, we did a few tests and I made some config changes to optimise the game, then paid for it as well as additional servers. Billing is the industry standard WHMCS.

    I believe the Exiles clan are also with GTS, and they purchased, I think, 6 servers in total, whereas we have 4, one of which is private.

  • Thats the problem with GTS Gaming, they need defense. Why did they post in another thread?

    The obvious reason is they came off looking like very rude, childish and inexperienced person/company. They tried burying their previous posts. It all feels like AstroTurfing to me.

    They may be able to provide cheap hosting. That doesn’t mean they are a good hosting provider. Look around the quality hosting threads have many replies and all are good.

    Just my 2cents, as someone looking to purchase a server.

  • All I can suggest is asking for a trial with whoever you like the look of - don’t knock it until you’ve tried it, or so the saying goes. At the end of the day, it’s down to personal tastes I guess, I don’t tend to need a lot of support personally, since I do everything myself unless it’s something I literally cannot do myself. It’s cheap, it works, no lag, no issues, perfect control panel and setup. Nothing more any other host can give me that would encourage me to pay out extra money than necessary.

  • I would have to disagree that it all boils down to personal taste. The facts are, they have had complaints, they handled it unprofessionally, and got warned by a moderator. They then proceeded to create other posts to try to bury a review thread.

    I think this is just dirty pool. I think that competitively priced servers are out there from providers that don’t need to do Knock Down Pricing. Again this is just my humble opinion, from someone looking to purchase a server. Take it with a grain of salt.

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