Bought the Game at Gamestop

  • So the game finally came out on Game stop and my brother went and bought it for me in-person (i was busy making maps for my GIS class). But the game gets downloaded into some weird gamestop thing thats outside of steam.
    Its called the Gamestop App But here’s the problem- I can’t play it on Steam. I have t launch the game from The Gamestop App, is there a way that i can play it from Steam?

  • I guess you could try to add the serial key to Steam and see if that works.

  • How do i do that?I already bought it I’m not sure if i can use the code againg.

  • On the main steam tab, click on “Games” at the top, then click on “Activate a Product on Steam”.

    Hopefully that will let you install it through steam and thus launch it through it as well.

  • Oh i found out how to do it, thanks Ulven

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