So I started recording to catch the weird stuff….

  • Decided to record my games-I haven’t quite found the optimal recording settings yet (bit of a noticeable fps hit) but apart from capturing the good moments I wanted to clarify what was really happening around the dodgy stuff.

    This is the start of the first game I recorded. It was on a duel server:

    So there you go.

  • Next time it’d be helpful if you could bring up their profile in said recording so we can verify their Steam id.

    In the Steam client menu bar, go to View -> Players and click their name in the current games list. Also make sure you copy/paste their profile URL - make sure you have the option to view steam URLs enabled in Steam -> Settings -> Interface.

  • Still have him in the recent games list:

    But I’ll try to get it on the recording next time if that is what is needed.

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