Modeling in maya help

  • So im working on a model in maya to put into UDK to potentially put into a mod (its a stretch, i know)

    I need to know how to make good looking realistic rope to coil around the handle of a torch.

    Im really new to maya (like, REALLY new) and dont know much about it and the tutorials i’ve seen are way above me.

    Any help appreciated :D

    Edit, picture of work… its actually my first piece of work in Maya, I really have no experience in modeling programs like this but did some building in Second Life which I think is helping.

  • i dont have any experience in maya, but you could either fake the rope by applying a rope texture to the handle of the torch or just take a cylinder and extrude and twist that around the handle. ive only ever used 3ds max so im not sure how close maya is to it. In max there is also a modifier that lets a shape extrude along a spline, dont know if maya has something similar or not.

  • Never used maya, but you could texture the torch, and texture a rope around, with a bump map. I think thats how it is usually made

  • There is a way to extrude along a curve in Maya. You simply use the basic extrude command, but have a curve selected aswell. After the extrusion you need to add enough divisions to make it smooth enough. This is a very usefull feature, but I would also recomend using texturing in this case.

    Learning the basics of UV mapping is vital for this. The way I usually do UV:s inside of Maya is by starting with Automatic mapping to get every face visible in the UV editor. Then I start connecting edges togheter. I this case I would use cylindrical mapping for most parts of the model. However I would also optimize the mesh alot . The decorative spheres on the top of the model look like they have way too much geometry in them. By the look of things they have more polygons then the rest of the model. Those parts could also be faked with normalmaps. Perhaps have some simple extrusion so the details are visible in the silhouette and combine that with normal mapping.

  • I’m sure it would be the same as 3dsmax wouldn’t it??? Create a spline then lathe it…

    If not delete maya, and install 3dsmax lol

    Here is a vid tutorial on it

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