• Chivalry Pickup Channel
    How about a channel or server were players are picked for a Team.

    Firstly 2 players have a fist fight to get first pick of players,
    so Each Captain picks a player in turn.

    then another fist fight between captains to decide map.

    Very easy to do and lots of fun, pickup players will be familiar already with this system.

    The captain would suggest your position to play in map or a player
    would suggest it.

    for example I might play Knight in Defence. etc
    archer in attack role or cover middle.

    you could end up with a very well organised team game and players know and have agreed roles beforehand etc,
    agreed with captain.

    you could have a mirc?#channel , or website or gameserver,
    for this and then all head to server for match. server could even be passworded etc.

    example in mire#channel I may be named
    Loin [K] class optional by name or just Loin
    Hardman [V]
    just examples btw.

    it takes organising and could have a player base with stats / site.

    you could login at the channel/server or site what ever headquarters are made to launch this.
    a set of rules to be made. example no team quitting and when picked play the class agreed before hand
    by captain and position on map.

    IN the old quake3 CTF leagues we had this. a message was broadcasted in mirc# every 30mins.

    example #ChivalryPickup channel

    Match starting: 10mins –> server TeamObjective 12v12 pw Bounty

    Match starting: 13mins --> server LtS 16v16 pw duty

    Match starting 14mins --> server Ctl 9v9 pw Bootie

    I would be willing to rent one of the servers for this cause if somebody knows mirc# stuff and its niceties

    recap it. the #mirc chananel is passworded and the server for match.

    the way to get join is to register at site here.

  • I like the idea of organizing pickup games with the goal of hopefully being more organized than pub games! +1 for Loin’s loin! Would have to see how it fares in practice.

    An IRC bot (with a web interface I assume to control its messages) shouldn’t be too hard to program I would think.

  • In Jedi Knight PUG always worked without any kind of IRC stuff or w/e, but I agree it’d be nice to have in Chivalry (maybe even as a coded gamemode?)

  • If you wanted to stick to the IRC thing, the best solution would be for the chiv site to host a web IRC client directly connected to the channel so that people don’t have to download a client. You could also tie that into their forum names.

  • sbt I don’t know the mirc# stuff anymore but ReMixx’s idea looks good. Initially the clans all used to
    hang about in the pickup channels to play, whilst season was ended just to keep sharp hehe.
    perhaps chivalry clan players from any clans could idle in the channel if it starts. I did see quite a few clans on site here. how about a board here for players to login and be avail as they can been seen when online also. when match is ready , past ip in forum board and head off to server?

  • Shit yeah! PUG bots.

    Winning. You’d obviously need chan’s per region (assuming you’re going IRC route).

  • If you need a teamspeak server you can use my community’s. address is omgmod.org no password

  • vkind of you thanks :) . not being a tech head or knowledged my offer to rent a server for this purpose
    is all I can do tbh.
    If somebody manages to launch this and get it running then pm me , I will seek a server fast 24 slot?
    multiplay does look decent for this.

  • Well if we wanted to add it into the main Chiv site and use forum names, we would need site admin/programmer’s help with that…

  • Not enough people interested to maintain a PUG community.

  • @Jen<3:

    Not enough people interested to maintain a PUG community.

    Thanks for raining on the parade Jenheart.

  • Its early days though. It can always be setup if its needed.Some games do have a hardcore group of players even after years. look at Quake3 arena, some very good serves in ctf are full of Core players.
    I vote ReMixx for president yay! that piccy reminds me of sonic the hedgehog I played on my megadrive
    back in day.

  • Wrote a couple of lines during my lunch break and reading this forum
    Maybe this will get someone started


    IRC bot

    By: bada





    exec 3<>/dev/tcp/$HOST/$PORT
    echo “NICK $NICK” >&3
    echo “USER $NICK 8 * : $NICK” >&3
    while read line <&3
    echo “. $line”
    IFS=’ ’ read -a STRARR <<< “$line”

    ping pong

    if [ “${STRARR[0]}” == “PING” ]
    PONG=$( echo “${STRARR[1]}” | cut -b 1 –complement )
    echo “PONG $PONG” >&3

    join channel

    if [ “${STRARR[3]}” == “:End” ]
    echo “JOIN $CHAN” >&3


    if [[ “${STRARR[1]}” == “PRIVMSG” && “${STRARR[2]}” == “$NICK” ]]
    ACTION=$( echo “${STRARR[3]}” | cut -b 1 –complement )
    case $ACTION in
    echo “PRIVMSG $CHAN HI!” >&3


    while it was certainly entertaining for me to write that in bash, it would be better written in something else.
    for anyone looking to continue down that path, you’ll need to expand your file descriptors to add db read and write

  • Replying back with more stuff…

    Bash was fun, here’s a PHP implementation for you.
    -Create PDO
    -Create a server list table in db
    -Add player as they sign up for pug
    -Somehow determine when matches are over…

  • and what about do some steam group or IRC channel for that?

  • @Richi:

    and what about do some steam group or IRC channel for that?

    The bash script, etc. is for an IRC channel. The best way for this to take off is for integration into the main chivalrythegame.com site (IRC chat window on left or right of screen connected to your forum name).

  • Just played a few maps after updated to latest patch. Its very good imo. defo move forward.
    This could make pickup a reality oneday if some brave soul would step up. no rush will hire a server to launch soon as requested. 32 slot? room for speccys?

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