I regret buying this game

  • Before buying any game, which I barely do, I do a research of the company and the game itself. Well, basically I got only positive feedback and it was mentioned many times, how this game will be updated and patched constantly. But as we can see, it’s not happening… at all. The game in all seriousness should be in alpha stage. It’s awful to see this many bugs happening and seeing them not fixed in any way. Having posted a few fixes on forums how you could solve this or that problem, barely helps. And why in earth do I have to fix all your problems manually and by myself, when I have bought the game for it’s full price, I expect some service. These disconnections, freezes, server problems, the whole impractical interface of this game, and many-many more ridiculous problems is going to ruin your company’s name, ruining the whole game itself as well the customers’ experience.

    So, good job releasing this pile of junk, and well done throwing my money away.

  • Kimbie, I understand your frustrations but don’t agree with them, as we need to encourage more developers like this to break into the upper echelons of game production and break the monopoly of the big 2/3. As we will all end up stuck with continuous game content to purchase and a game shelf life of 12 months. Look at the Call of Duty franchise titles, as soon as we went to Black Ops or Flops all genuine mappers and amateur programmers were stuffed, and it was them who made the franchise popular in the first place. This developer came from the same source and must be encouraged as although we have issues they are sorting them, and also acknowledge errors and mistakes they have made which will make any future games they develop better.

    I have put up two servers for this game which have constantly been full and introduced sections in our Clan to discuss the game. This game has caused a great deal of interest from Clans all over the world as it enables proper dedicated servers and the potential spin offs for Clan Matches, Tournaments and future downloadable designed maps from amateur authors.

    Lets give them the time to resolve the outstanding issues as we already know they have completely redesigned the server browser which is due for release imminently along with a few more fixes & patches.

    If you think back to COD4 release it was a nightmare (from a Professional Multi Million Pound Corporation) and needed 7 Major Patches before it was right.

    I think you should at least give it until the first Major Release Patch /Update. They have had their issues and we are all aware of them but the difference has been they care not like a certain JD from nightmare vision !!


  • I think Kimbie is absolutely right and I agree with him. This is just shit crap, supposed to be multiplayer game, but if you look how it work then it’s terrible.

    Server browser is not functional. If you click to anything else than server that was found it will disconnect your internet connection for a while (few minutes). Refresh button is not functional as well. Why? Nobody answered questions on forum here how to solve this. It is not even in known bugs list. I’m sick of trying if it find any servers or if you click too much times it will disconnect you from network. Idea of this game is nice, but THIS GAME IS SHIT

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