• The Gallant Gaming League will be coming live in the next few weeks, and we who have been working on it wanted to share a little about what we are all about.

    The GGL aims to host the most comprehensible PvP competitive structure for Chivalry: Medieval Warfare. Some things the GGL will provide are:

    • Guild Registration: Each guild can register, create a profile, upload their crest (or utilize our “crest creator”), assemble a guild roster, and more. Guilds will be searchable in one comprehensive guild directory.
    • Tournaments: GGL will host (and live stream) tournaments in 1v1, 3v3, 5v5 and 10v10 formats. Prizes will be announced and specific to each tournament.
    • The League - GGL will host (and live stream) a comprehensive “league” where guilds will have a schedule laid out over a series of months, with the best performing guilds proceeding to the play-offs at the end of the regular season.

    We will also:
    -Record all statistics of players and guilds in GGL competitive matches such as kills, deaths, player’s preferred class, games won, games lost, ect.
    -Statistics will be recored and viewable for all players and guilds involved in competitive play on GGL.
    -Awards and ranks will be earned for certain statistical milestones to players and guilds.
    -and much, much more.

    We hope the interest is out there, stay tuned for more information!

    • Stan Broccoli, Hype (Gallant Gaming League)

  • Sounds awesome, can’t wait too participate!

  • Very interesting ! I play alone so the 1v1 duel interests me :)

  • sound very good but is this EU or NA?

  • Sounds cool, some webpage?

    sound very good but is this EU or NA?

    +1, Waiting for answer!

  • Looking forward to it!

  • Great information, can’t wait for that event to come.

  • The Immortal legion would be interested in possible joining 5v5 and 10v10. Add IL_Kershaw when its up and goin. We are currently running in Dark age gaming but are looking to add more tournaments.

  • With the larger games, (i.e: 8v8 or 10v10), the main concern is that if you wanted to keep a league rolling over for months on end the matter of the fact is that people WILL lose interest and clans and groups do drop out. Tournaments are better knowing that there are short term goals to be achieved over the course of the tournament, which is what keeps clans interested and keeps the competitive spirit high.

  • @Richi:

    Sounds cool, some webpage?

    sound very good but is this EU or NA?

    +1, Waiting for answer!

    +2, Waiting for answer too!

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