• So you can win either by team objective or LTS, maps would have to be appropriate. That + linux dedicated servers with high playercount, would be really cool.

    LTS, reckless spawn slashing eliminated, teamwork gets more action.
    TO, something other than to not die by means of completing the round.
    HighPlayerCount, its not just a small village revolting, its a full on assault from lands kingdom. Also keeps the game entertaining while waiting for the round to end, if you happen to die.

    Thats my wishlist/suggestion/idea.

    edit: a more far fetched mode like for NS2, add a rts element, build castle armor, weapons. Add hero type characters “king” that improve morale equaling in either more dmg done or less dmg taken or something like that, or just as is with no realism hurting conditions.

    even more far fetched: Have a persistent conquest mode that lasts for a month or so. Where you signup to play at a specific time each day, choose a side, and battle for land risk style. Each side will have leaders, determined somehow, will use X amount of resources depending on strategy for each land block that you attempt to battle over. Would be cool no, you can use ur imagination to fill out the rest of this dream :).

  • I would like some kind of objective added to LTS maps to make them more competitive and less campy. I don’t think we need an additional mode for it, just add it on to current LTS.

  • So would I be right in saying kinda like a medieval counterstrike?

  • Exactly like medieval counter-strike!

    Let’s brainstorm some good objectives. Vital is that one of the teams win when the time us up.

    Obvious ripoffs:

    One guy on one team carries the banner. He can plant the banner at one of two sites. The other tear can then tear the banner down (Torn Banner!) to win, but if they don’t the banner team wins after X seconds. Counter-strike map design makes it hard to see enemy movements so there is lots of strategy about which paths you take and prodding at their defense and stuff.

    Princess rescue
    A princess is captured in a castle. If you interact with it it will follow you and you can bring it to one of several evac zones to win. If anyone kills her their team instantly lose, so be careful with those swings!

    King run
    One team has a player who is King. They win when he reaches a certain spot (could be one of several spots). Might need to change the King from TO to make it more balanced.


    Open the gate
    One team is tasked with opening a castle gate from the inside. There should be at least two levers or two gates. There should be multiple ways in: ladders, a tunnel, maybe a siege tower or maybe burning down a barricade in a small temporary hole in the wall.

    Both teams start out on a sinking ship. Be sure to control the poop deck or you drown. Stalling actually makes a draw since everyone drowns.

    One team has a King and lose instantly when he dies. Might want to have a weaker king than in the TO map. The problem with both teams having Kings is nobody would win when the time runs out so there’d be a stalemate.

    The objective maps now make a good foundation too, could be modified to make it more balanced without respawns.

  • Yeah there’s actually a lot of potential for this as far as making simple objectives with a single respawn for each team, which would help differentiate it from similar bomb planting/sabotage modes in other games like CS, CoD, etc - much like the unique objectives in TO already differentiate it from normal capture point gamemodes.

    For example, LTS Battlegrounds farm - one team has to burn down the granary and the other defend it; same layout as current with the torches right in front of the granary and the ones at the market for multiple routes of attack. LTS Darkforest - same as the current last stage of darkforest, but the attacking team only has to slay one of the groups of royals to win, so defenders have three fronts to defend on. LTS Hillside would be easy, just have a shorter “fuse” on the pyre and also make it faster to extinguish - although that part of the map is confined to chokepoints which are easy to defend. Stoneshill, kill 10 peasants or whatever number works (reduce burnt buildings to 1 peasant instead of 2).

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