Windows XP Service Pack 3 not installed?

  • i just bought this game on steam… when it downloads i’ll click play… and big green knob pops on my screen… i hear little error sound from windows and then nothing… i click out of that window and try to click play again… nothing… I go into chivalry in steam’s folder… i click on that and it pops up… Windows xp service pack 3 is not installed… i’m on windows 7… what gives?
    Is there a solution to this madness or am i juts out of luck?

    processor i5-2300

    there aren’t any launch logs in UDKGame folder… only config cookedpcconsole, localization, and splash. let me know if you need anything else…

  • Well? Would you be able to help me? Honestly, if i thought this game would cause me so much grief i’d pay not to buy it!!!

  • Are Windows and the .NET framework up to date? Alternatively, you can try the beta patch which removes extraneous external dependencies.

  • where can i find this patch? Thank you, kindly for your help!!

  • @noobie:

    where can i find this patch? Thank you, kindly for your help!!

    First post here: Hopefully you will get good pings to servers running the beta patch.

  • Thank you for the help. It allows me to play BETA just fine. But when i switch back to the original game… “it downloads another patch” and then i’m back to a square 1. Game will not start. :( Any ideas now? Thanks!

  • Well when you switch back to pre patch game, it still needs those external dependencies that you might be missing… is your Windows up to date and do you have the latest .NET framework installed? The beta patch will get pushed to mainstream soon…

  • yeah… everything is up to the date. Steam support gives me 5 new links to click every week :p nothing has helped so far. Umm by the time this patch rolls the game will be on sale for 5 bucks! Where do i mail my coupon for the difference?

  • Sounds like patch goes live tomorrow.

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