**WARNING**another non PC Rant

  • Ugh getting tired of the politically correct BS and getting censored or thread locked because you don’t like what is being said, specially on a thread that was constructed as a frustrated RANT and by nature would not be positive. You really want me to make a list of everything wrong with with game? Be careful what you ask for you just may get it. But It is much easier to get rid of the undesirables… lols Sad that I spend more time reading and posting on the forums than actually in a broken game.


  • Yeah, make a list, man. Why haven’t you done that yet?

  • To be honest I am but I am trying to be patient till the first patch comes out. Like with AOC-CR2 patch, I have it a month of play time then I did my big review that of course got flamed beyond belief but was still very accurate. Much like my “This game blows….Rant” got flamed and locked, that doesn’t change the fact that all the issues presented are accurate. My problem is obviously the frustration with so much being wrong, broken and missing that I am losing patience. Trying to run a server is additionally frustrating. I understand the normal learning curve of a game and a new engine but much of my frustration has gone beyond that learning curve. Thus the frustrations and the rants.

  • This kid is just a troll. Like I said, go post your rants in off topic if you do not want them locked. These kind of posts aren’t constructive and do not add anything to the forums. It didn’t get locked because no one liked what was being said, it got locked because it didn’t start anything but flaming, because you were just being a general ass about things. I bet you that if you actually sat down and made a list of the things that are wrong, stated why in a clam manner, and provided evidence, your thread wouldn’t get flamed and then locked.

  • You know where this is headed, Retsnom. You’re smarter than this. Post something meaningful or don’t post at all. I can’t force you to post something meaningful, but I can remove your posting privileges if you keep on making threads you know will be locked.

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