Sui Generis: RPG with physics-based combat on Kickstarter

  • As I really think this game and especially the used technology behind it deserve some attention, I thought I create a post about it and hope that there are some people around who’d enjoy a game like that.

    Sui Generis aims to be an open-world RPG using an isometric view similiar to games like Torchlight or Diablo, but instead of using predetermined moves, the combat utilizes a physics-based system to make the combat more engaging and realistic.
    It looks rather silly at the moment, as the combatants look like they’re drunk, but the developers said that they’re working on it, but until then, enjoy the hilarity that is the pre-alpha combat ;)

    The Kickstarter page: … ui-generis
    The pitch video:
    Pre-alpha combat showcase:
    Developer page:

    I think their biggest problem is that Sui Generis is no sequel, remake or else part of any known franchise and the devs behind it have no other games to show off, but I think the game looks great so far, although it still needs quite some bit of work.

  • That’s extremely impressive… he’s/they’ve done a lot in a year considering it’s all in house.

  • I think so, too, but it doesn’t seem to be impressive enough.
    If the Kickstarter funding continues to progress like it does at the moment, they won’t make it :(
    They said that they want to develop the game no matter what, but still…without proper funding that will be quite tough.

  • Update from de deads ! The game is finaly in closed beta, NDA is lifted, so let’s share the love :

    Official video ( not the trailer, it will come with it’s release on Steam I guess )

    A player’s video, from the official forums.

    It is truly amazing, I just died in my run, facing my first skeleton x) the basterd !!!

  • looks awesome, wish i could test it

  • Yeah it looks like fun tbh!

  • looks clumsy

  • Stop with the White Elephants , they don’t cut the mustard of Chivalry tbh. Hit yourself with twigs as punishment hehe

  • Not my cub of tea, tbh.

  • Heard about this game years ago, looked fun. I would be more interested if the animations didn’t look like you were chronically inebriated. There is a life like quality to some of the animations, that there are imperfections in movement, but this looks like a constant state of imbalance.

  • wow you are harsh guys, aren’t you impressed by the physics ? I am :D I think it’s the most advanced physics I’ve ever seen. Animations are not that bad… ambiance is really great, and combats are so awesome, even if it still misses stabs, kicks, shieldbashes, archery, thaumaturgies and the skills…
    The story telling, for now it’s reading books and scrolls, is really interesting for once. The challenge is real, the feeling of progression too. I finished the beta now. Loved it all the way.
    It’s now my fav game of all time. The game I’ve always dreamed of :p
    Chivalry is the multiplayer I always wanted.
    Yeah I like real time physics :p

    A team of 5 guys ( without animator ), including the compositor, created this from scratch. It makes me happy considering the soup that most AAA game studios do nowadays. I hope it will be well sold, to show that players are interested in innovative games :)

    Exanima is the prelude of a more ambitious game called Sui Generis. Man I can’t wait ^^

  • Looks like drunkards flailing at each other with sharp sticks really.

  • im pretty sure drunkards have better motor functions than that

  • I’m exceptionally excited about this.

  • Wouldn’t it be nice if we had a game like Chivalry, but with 100% physics based combat? Like using that GTA 4-5 physics engine and such, + mouse manipulation of attacks

  • singleplayer sure, but multiplayer real time physics is trash in every one of its implementations

  • I got on the beta last night, it’s very fun, and has the potential to be amazing.

  • Yeah :)
    Oh and it’s on greenlight since yesterday ! Type Exanima and give it a vote !

  • After rewatching the gameplay, I think I can overlook some of the odd animations. The concept and gameplay looks refreshing. I’d definitely vote yes on greenlight.

  • yeah its a cool concept, the animations are the only issue i have with it and its a minor one at that

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