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  • I see a lot of people saying the community is starting to go to hell, and honestly, aside from the occasional tk’er, I haven’t really encountered many problems with the community. Maybe because I got the game a week ago, and didn’t play on the beta or anything, but was it generally better at one point?

  • The community is raging for a reason but you by your own admittance are a noob thus you have no past history or knowledge as to what you speak. There is bliss in ignorance and naivety, enjoy it while you can.

  • I wasn’t speaking of anything, that why I was asking if it was different at a point. What has gotten worse?

  • The Australian community is great. Except between 3:30pm - 7pm, generally when you get kiddies getting home from school.

    A testament to this is how easy it is to kick a disruptive player. Since most players are mature, well rounded individuals when a votekick is called and the reason stated, the vote usually ends well. Disruptive players don’t last long. This includes over the top tk’ers and rude individuals that trash talk too much.

    One of the better communities I’ve played in. The worst being HoN followed closely by Dota.

  • I find the actual in-game community to be fine and dandy save for the occasional a-hole. Forums will always be full of whining, that’s half the reason they exist.

  • Developer

    I’ve enjoyed the community thus far. I see some raging in text chat sometimes, but most people just ignore it. It happens, i see alot of GG and alot of compliments and shared laughs over events that happen. THe intimacy of the fighting lends for more intimate in game chat, for better or worse, from my experience mostly for the better.

  • Isn’t the Retsnom person the same guy who started a new hate thread?

  • Ya, he is a big ranter, but not that bad of a person.

  • @acrh2:

    Isn’t the Retsnom person the same guy who started a new hate thread?

    It wasn’t a hate thread as much as a frustrated rant because at the time of posting I was foaming at the mouth after the game kept crashing. If you take out all the rage, which I did warn was rage, everything I said about the game and running a server is correct and is in desperate need of fixing. If you combine all the years of AOC have similar issues, you could see why a big fan like me who has run successful servers and clans, helped 100s of players over the years config their computers correctly, helps several players and clans set up and config AOC servers and kept AOC alive till Chiv’s release, would lose it on occasion. Where else can you rant about the legit issues of a game than the game’s forum? It is not like I am some noob who gets their ass handed to them then comes and rages about how crappy the game is. In fact I want it to be better. Again, the squeaky wheel gets the lube and I am in need of a big lube job. :berz:

  • I say next time rage in off topic, then once that is let out, list problems in general/where you see fit. Sorry about being an ass before though, you seem like a cool dude, I just generally react that way when I see a lot of rage, regardless if it was warned or not.

  • Yeah, I agree with Toll about the Australian community. Everyone has been pretty cool. You get the odd tool, but they get dealt with.

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