This game doesn't have lag compensation

  • Has anyone noticed that sometimes player model on your screen and enemy’s actual position has some lag?

    For example, enemy claims that he went around and stab into my unguarded side, but on my screen, I know about the stab around trick and block almost 70 degrees off to my left side but the stab goes right through.

    This happens on your favor too. If you side stab around an enemy, he can’t block your stab or swing because on his screen, you are still in front of him.

    Do the developers know about this and can it be fixed?

    Counter strike source had a problem like this, where a player always gets an advantage if he was going around a corner. Someone who is running round a corner to shoot at a camper always gets to hit first.

    This is fixed in Counter Strike GO, and the differences between two player positions are very minimal.

    EDIT: Turns out, I’m right about this. UT3 engine games do not have lag compensation. This explains why higher ping players have the advantage because lower ping players can’t really hit them, and sometimes you can’t seem to block some attacks that looks clearly blocked from your screen.

  • This is a problem with your internet connection. Or so it seems.
    Don’t play on servers with more than 100ms ping.

  • @acrh2:

    This is a problem with your internet connection. Or so it seems.
    Don’t play on servers with more than 100ms ping.

    No this happend even with 50 ping and the opponent has 50 ping too. I can show it to you if you’d like.

  • I have had some instances where other friendly players attacked me WELL after I have killed an enemy in the position I’m currently standing in. Not a deliberate TK attempt, although it seems like it.

    Sometimes I see people swinging at the air for a few seconds above an enemy’s dead body (like at least a 3 or 4 swing combo). Not like stabbing at their corpse but still aiming for a standing guy’s head.

    I assume either they have the slowest reactions of anyone in the world or there was a player position lag thing going on.

    But then again I’ve seen people join with 600 ping and wondered if they even know what ping is.

  • sometimes they spammed the button and its input delay, sometimes it may be genuine lag.

    its also possible they were just attacking the corpse (as ive noticed some people do)

  • I’ve especially had this happen when I dash with the MaA. It looks like rubber banding for a second, and then it’s fine. No actual lag is happening either. It’s like some studder or something between dashes.

  • You can simply test this out in the game.

    Have a friend stand in front of you, and strafe left and right, while you are standing still and follow his movement with your mouse.

    On your screen, it’s not a problem to follow his movement, but on your friend’s screen, your turns are delayed.

    This doesn’t happen with CS GO. It used to happen with CS Source.

  • Lag compensation is a strange beast. One time I was sprinting away from a group of enemies, and turned around just in time to see an enemy stab at the air where I had just come from. I dropped dead even though I was 15 feet away and his thrust was angled away from my current position. Sure enough, he was in the middle of a lag spike and had 988 ms ping.

    Any online game has such issues; there is no way to just get rid of lag. You either go with no lag compensation, which forces attackers to predict enemy movement based on ping (like in BF1942 or Gears of War 1, for example, which had terrible hit detection because of this), or you go with some kind of lag compensation and have players deal with things like getting hit after they’ve left the line of fire.

    Anyway, I think you’re wrong about how shields work. Ideally, the way it works in the game’s code is that the attacker goes around the shield and attacks the side. The defending player then gets a chance to observe this action and attempt to block it. Basically, both actions should have lag compensation to give players a fair shot. So the attacker would see the defender lagging, but the server waits for the defender to turn to block before checking for a hit. So, even though you see your opponent lagging, it ultimately doesn’t matter. I obviously can’t check if that’s how it actually works, but that’d be my guess. This would explain why your blade bouncing off an enemy shield feels so laggy; the server has to wait a while before giving you feedback.

    The problem you described in CS:Source is actually something slightly different; that’s caused by something called interpolation. Interpolation basically means that, in order to smooth out player movement on your screen, the position you see people in is actually a blend of their current position and their last position. This means that players are always slightly ahead (from their perspective) of where you see them. This is factored into hit detection for you, so you don’t have to lead targets… but the problem of them being able to see around the corner first is unavoidable if you have interpolation. I think in CS:GO interpolation has probably been reduced or eliminated because players are expected to have enough bandwidth to get more snapshots from the server. But I’ve still seen clips of campers getting stomped by people charging around corners. I’m not sure how interpolation works in Chivalry.

    It’s all very complicated and confusing, and I’m not 100% sure everything I’ve said is right. If you’re interested, this is probably the best description of lag compensation I’ve found on the web, but it is quite technical. It’s about the Source engine, but it’s probably very similar in Chivalry. … Networking

    Basically, the moral of the story is that lag compensation is so complicated that it’s best to never question such things. :-)

  • @Rognik:

    Lag compensation is a strange beast……

    I don’t think this game has lag compensation. It’s ridiculously easy to go around a shield and attack them on the side. This happens on my side too. I know enemy will go around to my left side and side-swing, so I look almost 80 degrees off to my side, but the swing still goes through.

    We won’t know about the game for sure until one of the developers comment on this issue.

  • A lot of things happen because of the UT3 engine, this is probably one of them. The lagcomp in CSGO (using source) I hear is a lot better than some of the other games.

  • Yep, I’m right. There is no lag compensation in UT3. None of the games that use UT3 have lag compensation.

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