Yeah, now the game has really gotten better.

  • Jesus fucking christ. what is this shit? People can hardly block now. Basically heavies are dominating every match. You can’t do shit. Parries hardly helps, heavy infantry can just spam whatever they want and they win. Make it back like it was before, atleast other classes had a chance then. But yeah I guess It’s never going to happen…

  • I came back after when the game was released, and now it’s all gone to shit. I thought finally I was going to have some fun, but I guess not, you definetly balanced it the wrong way. It was a lot better the way it was before in my opinion, atleast you could stagger enemies then. But now it’s non existant. A heavy can come in and cut your head off in one second. I guess it’s time to move onto something else.

  • Did a patch just come out or something? Before I came home, I was able to block and parry just fine.

  • There has been no patch since the hotfix, which didn’t change anything in regards to weapon balance. The game is the same as it was on release. This rant is closed - if you’d like to voice some meaningful feedback, you’re welcome to.

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