Visual arrowdmg changes

  • Make arrows that should be lethal, like arrows stick right through the head popp off the helmet. Still 100% dmg and all that same balance as before, just make it so that the heavynoobs dont run around with 4 sticks in their head swinging a hammer at fullspead like this is all kindergarten.

    …. hope that explains it.

  • But it’s funny to see that D:

  • XD well. i still get angry when i get killed by a person impaled by arrows through tha face but maybe im just different at these kind of thingsXD u know mortallityXD

  • I don’t think any class can take 4 arrows to the head. The knight could take one…regen health to max…and repeat a few times I guess.

    But speaking of visual change I’d prefer to see all projectiles match their team colour. I get that red is always an enemy projectile but when I play as mason I keep expecting agatha projectiles to be blue.

  • In real life an arrow in the head isn’t instantly lethal if it misses the important parts of the brain and the spine and carotids/jugular veins.

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