Swap maincontrolls to something else.

  • Maybe this topic is gettin closed very soon but its just a suggestion so pls tornbanner dont be offended.

    I found a rather good way to play with other controlls i can best other players just by having it easier to execute attacks.

    Leftclick: overhead
    Mousewheelup:slash (doesnt work for archers i believe and is actually the main throwing button, i dont really need to hold long i just aim without holding the throw)
    G: use

    Mainly put the overhead stab on mousebuttons and the parrybutton near movement.
    Well if someone wants to try that out if im right or not i have 400 hours aoc exp and rank 32 i believe here in chivalry and i can perform any action (besides archery wich im not interested at all) very good and i think even better, just because of these controlls.

  • Well I don’t think control setup is the defining difference between player abilities, but whatever works for you is what works for you. I know I have a very abnormal typical control setup for most first person shooters (as in the ones with guns) but it is what works for me. I use default for chiv.

    As for your setup I’d wonder about mousewheel down, why G for Use instead of F (cuz F is closer) and what if you have more than 3 mouse buttons?

    I honestly think out of all controls the only ones I get muddled up with is T for Team-only Chat and Y for All-teams Chat (is that even the right way around? lol). For some reason I naturally think of T as general “Talk” and Y as “Your team talk”. :P

  • You had t and y correct. Y=all T=team. I don’t know about other mice, but with the Razer Naga (I have the epic), it just replaces the twelve number keys found on the keyboard, and places them on the side of your mouse (twelve is a bit much and I almost never use all twelve, but I frequently use 1-6).

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