I'm getting "miniteleports" or "blinks"

  • I recently bought an Alienware desktop since my older PC did not meet the requirements for this game. But I’ve been getting choppy gameplay since, It’s like as if my character spontaneously teleports or “blinks” for a very short distance (1-2 meters approximately).

    The rest still runs as smoothly as it can be with 60 fps on maxed settings. I know the issue isn’t ping related since it’s present on both laggy and smooth servers. And no it’s not because of the MAA’s dash, it still happens with the other classes.

    I’ll post my specs just in case.
    OS: Windows 7 - 64 bits
    Processor: Intel® Core™ i7-3820 CPU @ 3.60GHz
    RAM: 16Gb
    Graphics cards: AMD Radeon HD 7800 Series (x2)

    Thank you in advance for the help :)

  • what do u consider good ping?? if your over 150 you will jump.

  • I’m 99% sure this is a server issue. We’ve pretty much all had it at some point during beta and when the game was first released, but now there are more servers with different hosts knocking around, the issue is either non-existent (never seen it once our own servers) or happens less frequently on less populated multiplay servers.

  • I’ve seen it happen on both a 50 ping connection and a 200. Definitely a graphical issue.

    Now that I think of it I actually remember someone one in chat had the same issue as me when I had my old PC. They said something about reducing a certain option but I can’t remember which

  • nvm I got it fixed :D

    I went into CCC and turned off the Morphological filter. Runs like a charm now ;)

  • I’m having this same issue. Where is CCC and how can I disable the morphological filter?

    These teleports have been happening to me since last night in every server, every class, but NOT in a custom game with bots.

    I’ve checked pingtest and speedtest - both are fine - I’ve reset my router, no luck. Acting like nightcrawler in-game.

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