Incredibly strange bug

  • I was on a TO server and my team had just lost on the battlegrounds map. When the server switched to the map where the attacking team must push a corpse wagon, I decided I wanted to spectate instead of playing and I didnt chose any team to play on. I then noticed there was no players on the map at first, that I couldnt see the scoreboard and that I was completely cut off from the chat…I pressed “M” and noticed there seemed to be no players at all on the Mason team. I tried to join and was immediately reconnected to the chat and could see the other players moving, but when I chose my class (Vanguard in that case) ,all the weapons and equipement on my screen seemed to be replaced by Hearts that all needed 999 kills to unlock. I pressed “Select Random” in hopes of joining the game anyway and the UDK crashed instantly, closing my game. I have no idea what happenned and I wouldnt like that to happen to anybody… I would like to know why it happened.

  • Sounds like someone is messing with you, sorry dude dunno how 2 help u.

  • I reported a similar bug in the big bug thread.

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