Should have stay in beta testing

  • Looks like this game should have stay in its beta testing version for a while. Just as if Torn Banner was reaching a deadline long before the product would have been acceptably ready. Strangely, bugs are not in the game play aspect but, in all other things such as *in-game Key mapping where assigning “D” key to let’s say, [use] will bind “D” to all actions, or in server browser, pressing “Refres” or trying any kind of filtering will empty the whole game server list and make a mess with my internet connection so that i cannot even reach the dns server of my isp!

    Training mode should have been discarded cause its the most buggy stuff i’ve ever seen in a game. Event triggering is buggy and leads to too many “must-leave-the-game” situations.

    I Hope this is just a mater of time to get those fixes and understand that a small team of 15 persons will not make miraculous updates in no time

    Tow prices for that game one is 24 usd and the other 74 usd. The 74 usd version looks like some kind of DLC but if you get 24$ version and later want the rest, you would have pay 98$ what the hell!

    *If you want to change key mapping, don’t do that in game play. Instead, leave the game and go to config/Key mappings otherwise…

  • The more expensive option is the 4-pack…

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