Players cheating with increased speed

  • The players “ScottSpeedman” and “Jesus” are cheating and using toons with impossibly high speed…

  • Whilst I appreciate there is no announced method of reporting cheaters yet, naming and shaming on the forum with nothing but names and no Steam IDs nor proof isn’t particularly helpful; no one can ban on names alone, unless that person becomes recognised by someone else.

  • I am writing the truth. Whether you like it or not, that is what is happening and this is the only way I know to report it. It’s not my job to investigate it. I did my part and I hope those responsible for investigating the issue do their part too, instead of saying they can’t do anything without proof, because this is all I can do…

  • i have also witnessed this kind of cheat/hack/exploit where their swings are faster than they should be, RK | Wolfy also was a witness of this yesterday, can’t remember if it was on the RK duel server.

    Also made a post of it today:


  • I was on a server with both of these yesterday and when i went to vote kick ScottSpeedman, it got rejected and then i got kicked… So annoying that there was a more than a majority of the server using cheats/allowing cheats

  • funny stuff… scottspeed or whatever the name was made his way to australia too lol, but since then i havent seen anyone else cheat only map glitchers but i think those glitches are cool anyway

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