Ppl abusing duelling servers

  • this is really getting on my tits now, just been kicked by a load of these assholes banding together to ruin a server. Its not like there arent a thousand non-duelling servers out there…
    Let’s start a list of idiots who are dule server abusers (in other games they’d be called tk’ers):
    Momento Mori (this particular jackass has makes a habit of it)

    Feel free to continue the list

  • Dude just vote to kick them???
    It works almost all the time if they really are jackasses.
    Also if it fails just play on another server.

  • Votekicking is best, but I know at least one duel server with good ping for me has it disabled. I can’t wait until duel mode makes it in.

    I wonder if that is the same Momento Mori from cRPG? Decent fellow, back in those days.

  • I’ve played with Memento Mori and he is not ruining anything, he respects duel servers’ rules.
    Also how do you imagine banning someones steam account just for not following the rules?
    Only thing you can do is votekick, so i don’t understand the purpose of this topic.

  • I think he means that the abusive players banded together to votekick respectful players. He said he was kicked by them so I assume he meant there were more of them.

  • Hey, mate, I think I have to explain myself.

    I really really like duell servers and I spend most of my time playing Chiv on these servers. Yet it also frustrates me if some guys just go berserk for no reason and disrupt the duels. Everyone knows that if this happens and these particular guys get chased by the other players the server becomes more a ffa server than a duel server. Probably you joined during such a situation and got free killed by me because you just joined in the wrong moment =/

    So I apologize for that or if I might killed you in another manner. Pardon me mate.

  • I’m tried of people saying “just votekick him”. Bitch, if you have played this game for longer than 10 minutes you’d know that you can just leave in last seconds of vote and reconnect.

  • @burt:

    banding together to ruin a server.

    The physical destruction or disintegration of something or the state of disintegrating or being destroyed.
    Reduce (a building or place) to a state of decay, collapse, or disintegration: “a ruined castle”.

    Not dueling does not “ruin” a server, but simply disrupts the desired gameplay. Lets not go all drama-queen now.

    Oh, and naming & shaming on the forums is almost the lowest form of immaturity. Try keeping it dignified, eh? It keeps you looking better in the process as well.

  • “Dude just vote to kick them???”

    A lot of servers have votekicked locked to admin only, I’ve yet to find one duel server where it’s actually possible to kick someone. Yesterday I was in a duel server when Fewmets decided to rampage and get free kills. Went to the console, tried to votekick, and it was locked so he proceeded to have his fun. No admin was present.

  • Once the content patch comes out in January, we’ll have the new duel mode where you won’t be interrupted at all. Enjoy.

  • @Kimiko:

    Once the content patch comes out in January, we’ll have the new duel mode where you won’t be interrupted at all. Enjoy.

    I can’t wait!!! :D Also FLAILS (aka the death of shields)!

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