Random Crashes while in a server

  • I recently started playing AOC again this week but for some reason I randomly crash when I’m playing in a server. It generates an error report but I can’t make heads or tales of it. The Steam forum for AOC apparently doesn’t exist anymore either. I was hoping someone would be able to help me figure out what the problem is. This problem hasn’t arisen until now and was working fine a few months ago.

  • Have you reformatted?
    Loading/Playing the map Fight Pub? / Custom Map / Level with npc/a.i. head chopping?
    What’s your ram?
    Windows OS(XP/Vista/7)?

  • I’m running XP. RAM is about 4Gb. As for maps I just play regular maps, a few custom maps here and there. The weird thing is somtimes I can play for over an hour with no crashes, but then it always comes back. And I, like most people would rather not reformat for something like this.

  • Yeah that happening to me too, i can’t see all the achievements or anything or my class statistics and when i tried playing then exited later it said i only played the game for 5 minutes when in reality i played it like 60 hours. It turns out that steam might have been was down for a bit.

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