Sir, You are Being Hunted.

  • Since this game was made possible through kickstarter, I thought I would point out another game that may be interesting. They already have their goals met, but they still have plenty of time to get more. I have high hopes for this game myself.

    If any of you have read “The Most Dangerous Game”, a story about a hunter who brings a man to his island and hunts him like game, well that story is kind of like this game. You are a human in a world where fancy aristocratic robots rule the world and hunt humans for sport, and you have to outsmart them.

    In this game, you’ll have to use stealth and guerrilla tactics to survive the deadly robot hunters. You can collect things like food for healing yourself, items to assist in stealth, or guns to fight back. Ultimately, the game rewards pure stealth, and the randomly generated british countryside offers all kinds of biomes with which you can sneak and kill in.

    While the graphics aren’t impressive, and the details are still sketchy and in early development, it has a lot of support going for it.

    I have a lot of hopes for this one actually, and the game pre-order pledge is only 10$. You can look at it here. … ing-hunted

  • It sound a very interesting game,but I perhaps have no time to play!

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