• Yesterday, I was playing with few of my clanmates when two cheaters have entered the server (last man standing mode) and using speed run/hack they have killed all of us on the server in 15 seconds ;)


    If I make a video of situations like this, will it help anything to hunt those no-lifers down?


  • IF they’re playing with Steam - just report them and they will get perma banned. :)
    (And play only on Valve Anti-Cheat protected servers.)

  • Okay, will do that.

    I mean, me and my mates ran away from thousands of hours in FPS games, to play this and the moment we saw that las night,… there was a group face palm.

    Guess as long as there are PC MP games, there will be cheating.

    But, it is easy to spot a cheater in that manner,. but what if the cheater is “using it wisely”…

  • Best way to report cheating:

    First, in the main steam client menu bar click Steam -> Settings -> Interface: make sure “Display Steam URL address bar when available” is checked so we can accurately verify the player’s ID.

    When you experience a hacker in-game, record some of their suspicious gameplay, and then bring up the Steam overlay (shift+tab by default) - on the right there should be a list of options like “Friends”, “Achievements”, “Forums”, etc - click on “Players”, find the offending player in the list, then view their profile in the recording. Also copy/paste their profile URL in the report.

    This leaves almost no room for error in confirming a player is cheating, and would be most helpful in getting the player’s steam ID/net ID so action can be taken. Hopefully in the future Chivalry will have a better method of reporting cheaters but I suppose for now, directly PMing myself or Martin with video evidence as I described above will do.

    Also keep in mind you can votekick the player on most servers (some have voting disabled) by typing votekick in the console (~ or scroll lock to open console for most keyboards).

    @Skalli, VAC doesn’t ban based on reports, it’s a completely automated system; reports are compiled for statistical purposes so they get a rough idea of where VAC could use improvements. I’m not entirely sure what role VAC plays in Chivalry, honestly, and if it can detect the common UE3 cheats.

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