Game freezes/lags shortly after I join a game

  • When I join a game after 20-30 seconds every other player will suddenly freeze and keep moving in the direction they were moving when the game froze. Shortly after that happens I will be disconnected from the game. Sometimes however all the players will unfreeze and I can continue playing as normal. I have to restart the game to have a chance of connecting.
    However this freezing/lag only ever occurs right after I join a game, otherwise everything runs fine. Any suggestions?

  • Same problem here.

  • Having the same issue with joining a server and after 20-30 seconds it lags out with players running and what not. 9/10 this happens :<

  • Try updating .net frameworks.
    That fixed it for me.

  • Having the same issue too.

    Updating / reinstalling .net framework 4 framework didn’t seem to have any effect. Also tried verifying game cache. Doesn’t help.

    Tried a dozen servers just now. Connecting and picking class is fine, but after about ~30 seconds (up to a minute) the server desyncs (everyone wanders off into the distance and connection to server is clearly lost).
    In my case, oddly enough, the client doesn’t seem to notice the disconnect most of the times. The game doesnt freeze but you just kinda get stuck in limbo. Pressing escape and going back to the serverbrowser works fine, but reconnecting to another server often gives you the same desync bug in the first minute.

    It seems to occur somewhat randomly. Sometimes you just get a lagspike (lasting up to 10 seconds) and the game suddenly snaps back / resyncs and you can keep playing and other times it just stays desynced and / or tell you the game has been disconnected.

    Edit: a few hours later most servers seem fine again. Could it be related to how busy it is?

  • I have the exact same problem. Played for a couple of hours yesterday with no problems but today can’t stay in a server for more than 30 seconds.

    Game runs find for 30 seconds then lags out…

    I have checked and I have every available .Net and other windows update.

    Any suggestions?

    I’ve not made any configuration or hardware changes and my internet line checks out speedwise ok.

  • Just updated everything, drivers, updates and .net frameworks …. Worked for all of one game then the map changed and poof no more screaming sword swinging fun :<

    No other problems with any other game so not sure what else to try at this point :(

  • I just tried 4 connections with different servers, the first one worked normally and the following 3 all froze. I tried a server with a population of zero and it had the same problem, you can check if you are locked up if you try to sprint, if you can;t sprint your connection is stuffed.

    I’ve had the same thing as phazy where you join a game spawn, and the game hangs for a few seconds then you can play as normal. I want to see if rejoining a server that worked previously still works or locks up sometimes.

  • I just tested my internet connection while playing chivalry (to see if maybe my whole connection was dropping), but when the lagspike happens in chivarly other applications do not lose connection. So it’s only the connection between the client and the chivalry server you’re playing on, it seems.

    I did a cmd -> ping -t in the background, but there was no significant latency increase (maybe +1 to +10 ms) and no packet loss whatsoever.

    Also, there seems to be no point in restarting the game. It’s just a matter of retrying until your connection ‘survives’ the lagspike that always occurs between 30 seconds and minunte or so after joining the server.

  • I tried going through the servers to find ones where the connection worked and added them to my favourites. Then tried rejoining them. The three I tried seemed to work properly when I rejoined them, no lockup (I got the lag spike though).

    So atm it may be just a matter of going through and finding some decent servers. The servers where I can’t get a good connection seem to be in the majority, more than three quarters anyway.

    Also to get the favourites list to show properly I had to click on friends first, then favourites.

  • Is this gonna be fixed anytime soon devs??

  • Me and my friend have this issue as well. Never fails, 20-30 sec into every game and the connection drops.

  • I’m having the same issue now…. i get in but everyone will just start running in 1 direction untill they hit walls, i don’t get disconnected i can still swing and carry on i can even jump into water or off cliffs and don’t die the sever will not crash it just holds up… i’m really sick of it and wish i could get my money back …

  • Or i get Duplicated UID when trying to join a sever…. this game worked well for the 1st day and now all these problems…

  • I am having the same issue. This thread still has no proper solution. Bumping for awareness.

  • Reinstalling the game worked for me earlier, could play for 3 hours or so and then it happened again. Maybe a coinsidence! Trying again now.

    Update: Still doing it now, sigh.

  • Devs need to take a look.

    RO2 suffered with this a lot after release, almost killed it.

  • I changed my Steam settings to opt out of “Steam Beta Update”. This made the game playable for about 30mins, but then continued to (freeze) drop from servers.

    I have requested a refund through Steam as a lot of countries outside of the US (ie: Austraila, UK) are able to, if a product does not work. (Consumer laws)

    I will consider re-purchasing the game, has I have enjoyed it a lot after these issues have been fixed.

  • Even on a server where i have 68 ping, the game will still timeout or whatever in 20 seconds or so.

    This is obviously not affecting everybody. And the game doesn’t let me know what the hell is going on!! No error messages or anything. Everyone just keeps running in the same direction they were before i get disconnected

  • Has anyone from this post found a solution that works for them yet???

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