Suggestion for balance between the bows/xbows

  • My goal here is to keep both viable, and just as in history keep them viable for different reasons.

    Changes to bows:
    Give them a draw time based on the bow you’re using. This was the main disadvantage of the bow compared to the crossbow and is the centerpiece of my idea.

    Shortbow 5-6 second hold, lighter damage/draw longer hold
    Longbow 4-5 second hold
    Warbow 2.5-3 second hold This would be a HUGE disadvantage while keeping the weapon viable in the right hands and at the same time strongly accentuating the main strength of the crossbows

    The bows should also have less accuracy while moving that is correlated to their strength, again shortbow with the least penalty, warbow with the most.

    Crossbows I feel should have their historic advantage of no limit on time drawn, and gameplay-wise, pack a punch to compensate for their rate of fire.
    Changes to crossbows:
    These changes will be more wide as I feel the crossbows are lacking in gameplay depth and opportunity but are relatively similar in the way they should control.

    All crossbows - Flinch on hit for any attacking enemy (at any point in the swing if possible). This should give closerange shots more of a meaty feel for both parties and allow the crossbowman to have a chance to get his weapon out or flee.

    All crossbows - SLIGHTLY faster movespeed when aiming with enough accuracy distortion to prevent “360 noscope” gameplay, basically give a moving crossbowman a tiny bit more mobility and the reasonable chance to hit a target at medium range.

    That’s all I got for now. These suggestions would allow for both to be viable while emphasizing what, in my opinion, should be the differentiating factors. Bows would require more skill and timing with the advantage of RoF, where as the crossbow would require more reload time with the advantage of ease of firing with mobility and all that. Essentially allowing skilled bowmen and crossbowman to shine while having the ability to play very differently.

    “Maybe if you really love me” change: Let bowmen punch with their arrows while the bow is equipped using the thrust/overhand options. I mean they’re just sitting there and I wanna punch a MAA with a broadhead really bad.

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