Asymmetrical duels in duel mode

  • I know I can’t be the only one who lives to fight in 1v2/1v3 situations. I love using my assailants against each other and I love the feeling of skill that comes from defeating multiple opponents simultaneously. It would be great for duel mode to allow players to opt for uneven duels. As a bonus, if players were stuck waiting because there were an uneven number of duelists, they could participate in an asymmetrical duel instead.

  • I like the idea. Don’t mention the using them against each other to the people who don’t like team damage or TK’s though :D

  • Sounds like an interesting idea for a gladiatorial arena battle mode. Perhaps the one guy plays as a moderately buffed version of the class he chooses or something.

  • Oh no, no buffs. That would take away the point. I want to be outnumbered and at a disadvantage. That’s where all the fun comes in…

  • To be honest it does sound like it could be quite a bit of fun. Also agree, no buffs for the outnumbered player.

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