Latency Issues Need Addressed

  • To be clear, I’m not talking about rubberbanding. After a couple weeks of playing this game, I’m noticing that this game does not effectively deal with latency.

    Hitboxes are not where they should be, so reg is off. Too many times I’ll score a perfect block, and an attack will hit me regardless. Too many times, I’ll attack, by weapon will make contact, and nothing will happen. Sometimes this works for me. I can see an attack from an enemy that should have landed, but didn’t, or deliver an attack that shouldn’t hit, but does. Too often I’ll deliver a kick, or get kicked, and nothing will happen. Arrows inflict no damage in spite of being flawlessly aimed.

    These are very subtle things, and hard to detect, but they make all the difference in this game, and when you see them, you know. I also know this is not an isolated problem. More people besides me have this happen to them.

    This needs to be the first thing the devs patch, or this game will die in a hurry.

  • Yes this is a serious problem with this game and makes it a multiplayer game breaker for me. It isn’t bad if you get on a dueling server and have a 1 vs. 1 but it goes to total crap when more than 3 or more players are in close proximity.

  • Absolutely agree with OP. Sometimes it’s just really frustrating. Nothing seems to work… I’m blocking but get hit. I try to combo, nothing happens. I try to end a combo by feinting and my character keeps swinging. Some attacks are so seriously delayed that I’m surprised why my character performs an attack apparently without command since I pressed something seconds ago.

    It’s not always like that. Sometimes it just runs fine and then on a crowded server everything feels effed up.

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