• After playing this game, the only thing that I really feel it needs is a match making system, as it is standard in modern multiplayer games for a reason. It would really help with the longevity of the game, and gives you something to aim to shoot for after you’ve unlocked everything, which isn’t all too much compared to WotR or MW3 or etc.

  • well this game is nothing like MW3 or other crappy games like that and that is why so many like thins game so i hope very much that this idea will never come to this game

  • match making is a poor was to extended a games life. though there is already a rank set into the game it really only reflects time played and not skill level. there are a ton of 1v1 and 5v5 tournaments poping up, that would be the best way to achieve something and even get a little prize or recognition :)

  • @AmateuS:

    well this game is nothing like MW3 or other crappy games like that and that is why so many like thins game so i hope very much that this idea will never come to this game

    Lol you seem awfully biased against MW3, so here’s some other games with it: Starcraft 2, LoL, DoTA 2, BF3, CS:GO, Halo 2-4, etc.

    These are all crappy games, no way C:MW should try and replicate their level of success. B/c you know, C:MW is a giant of a game and bringing up features from those tiny franchises surviving by a thread is just plain insulting.

  • Interesting idea, how do you imagine including match making into this game? Would there be servers made for >20 rank players? It’s quite not league of legends imo.

  • I quite like the idea of having higher level players to play with, the more time people put into playing the game the better a player usually gets at a game, so the Rank means nothing statement is irrelevant.

    For example:

    While unlocking weapons I rarely did the objective cause my objective was to kill with the weapons to unlock everything.

    After unlocking everything I ended up wanting to do the objectives with my favorite weapon that i’d not been able to use for the 3-4 days spent unlocking everything.

    So if higher rank players are on, it is more likely they will try do the objective, which makes for a more interesting match.

  • No. This isn’t COD. Or a console game.

  • @Elessar2880:

    No. This isn’t COD. Or a console game.

    He just named a heap of PC games that have some sort of matchmaking option…

  • To add on to the tournament thing, would it be a good idea to have an integrated tourney system within the game?

    For example: I want to join a tournament, so I browse tournaments much like you browse for servers. Then once I have found the tourney I want, I opt-in which places me into an automated bracket chooser. Once all the slots have been filled, an invitation gets sent to me to join the lobby (Just so I can go about my business if it is taking too long to fill the bracket due to low traffic) and the first match begins. After that, the next match begins momentarily until the bracket finishes.

    Without going into too much detail, would that be a sufficient matchmaking/tournament system?

  • I would really like a ranking system. I think that the best way to rank a player would be by Kill/death ratio, rather than hours logged. I’m an average player, and I get about as much satisfaction from easily killing my enemy as I do when I’m completely owned by a far superior player.

  • Yeah, have ladders and what not similar to the Age of Empires 3 ladders system would be great, especially if it could be for clans as well as single players. For now though I recommend joining the Dark Age Gaming League, they offer 5 v 5, 10 v 10, and 1 v 1 duel tournaments.

  • I don’t understand the opposition to this idea. It’s fantastic. It breeds competitive play. I’d love a ranking system similar to what Starcraft 2 has. Knowing who is the best player out there, and you yourself pushing to become the best. It’s absurdly exciting to me.

    It has nothing to do with unlocking overpowered weapons.

    We should not shun a feature just because it’s implemented in a bad game.

  • Match making is a nice system, but not for this, A ranking system would suffice, but a match making system just means, Your either top dog in your ‘’ match rank area ‘’ or bottom dog, what i mean by this is that, for example, level 20’s will be match made with level 20’s to level 30’s NOW UR GOING TO GET OWNED all the time, until u push your way through in a un fun way, and once ur top ull hit a new list of level 40 :\ to level 50…

    I’ve had this in other games uve mentioned, not worth doing, I must prefer a mix of people from al lsorts of walks of life, because lets face it, in real life in these battles, not every one was pro.

    If you want more difficult people to face, then is suggest you try CLAN GAMING.

  • Agreed, Ladders would be a welcome addition, matchmaking, idk

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